In my continuing quest to find the world’s perfect web cam site, I bounced over to Spread4U. I probably need to look this site over some more when I have the time. The video quality was iffy and with some girls it was way worse than others. Most, but not all of the girls had audio too.
Maybe I am just in a bad mood tonight (okay, I am in a bad mood tonight) but I was instantly annoyed that you switch models via a drop down list. I don’t want to pick which girls to look at via a text list… they always claim to be hot and horny but I want at least a thumbnail to judge for myself! You can, in all fairness, go back to the intro page and see who is on camera using a tab at the top of the screen, but it is kind of awkward.
One good thing about Spread4U is that each girl is priced differently. Some of the girls, hot ones too, start at as low as $1.15 a minute for nude chats. It’s funny because I would check out a hottie and see she was like $1.15 or $1.25 a minute for nude chat and then, courtesy of the mystery drop down list, peek in on a flabby girl with a face like a dude and she’d be asking for $2.99 a minute! What’s up with that? Someone needs to send these girls a book on economics! The buy in at Spread4U starts at $25 and that doesn’t seem terribly outrageous to me. With the free membership (sign up and get a confirmation via e-mail in about 30 seconds) you gain the ability to expand the video to BIGGER and BIGGEST (almost full screen) size, although the quality seems to drop. Again, this seems to change with the girl. Also with the free membership you can check out the galleries the girls post in their bio pages (which is where their rates are). Some of them have one or two pics, others tons. Some are screen caps, others really high quality.
All things considered, you can have some fun and be a bit budget conscience at Spread4U. It isn’t the best site on the Internet, but it is far from the worst. At least sign up for the free membership and check it out!


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