Still on my epic quest for the Internet’s greatest web cam site, I found myself at AsianBabeCams. This site looked alot like another site I have been to but I can’t place it (maybe LiveJasmin). It’s video loading system was different though so I don’t think it is run by the same people. Doesn’t matter though. AsianBabeCams made me laugh.
Okay, if this site wanted to be honest it would be called PhillipineBabeCam. Not that there is anything wrong with the ladies of the Philippines at all. But there is a Latina section and the girls all look like they are from the Philippines and there is an Ebony section and the girls all look like they are from the Philippines! Not that it is a bad thing; there are pretty girls on this site. It is also the most amateurish of all the web cam sites I have ever seen.
I complained earlier tonight about girls being bored on another site. On AsianbabeCams I clicked on one girl eating, several empty rooms with no signs or anything and even a girl texting someone on her phone! My favorite though was a girl writhing around on the floor at about 3 frames per second while people walked in and out of the room behind her!
On the technical side, many pages wouldn’t load and more than once I clicked on one performer only to be connected with another. The video quality varied greatly from girl to girl but now of it was very good. Private shows that promise, as always, better video start at $1.99 a minute according to the site although many of the thumbnails had “1.49$” scrawled across them. Given what I have seen, there is no way I would spend money on this site. It is just too poorly run!


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