So I’m having a bad night. I went to my gungfu class and my bad knee went out on me (that’s why I can’t compete anymore) which is something I have gotten used to, but it went out at the perfect moment for me to fall into an oncoming kick to The Boys. The Boys were not happy about that at all.
When I got home, I figured I’d surf the Internet a bit and try to cheer The Boys up a bit. I had found a reference to Privatefeeds somewhere because it actually has its own magazine or something crazy like that (although there did seem to be free magazine ads on the site, so maybe it is true). Anyway, I decided to check it out.
First thing that hit me was the free broadband connection. Watching the free chat is basically like watching TV! Granted, you can’t boost the picture to full screen, or even enlarge it, and there is no sound at all, but it is still a great connection. Unfortunately, that is all that was great about Privatefeeds. Maybe I was in on a bad night, or maybe in Russia or whatever corner of the globe it comes from it was early in the morning, but all of the girls seemed really bored. I hate that. I know that this is probably not their ultimate goal in life, but if you are going to be a performer, perform! Fake it, I don’t care. One of the prettier girls did something I hate and just put the cam on her butt, from the side so nothing was really revealed. I guess she was typing because she was barely moving and even though she did have a pretty nice ass, I didn’t really need it as a screen saver! I just wanted her to do something and it wasn’t happening.
There were a few pretty girls and a few girls were trying, but there was alot of bored stares, too. Privatefeeds wasn’t exactly making The Boys any happier! It struck me that maybe privates are the way to go and I checked out the prices. They aren’t terribly cheap. Credits are about $1.20 or so a piece and it takes multiple credits per minutes for shows. Get this: you have to buy in just to be able to buy credits! Granted, it’s only like $2 but still, something about paying $2 to have the privilege of spending more money to watch girls act bored just doesn’t seem worth it to me at all.
All in all, it seems like a great technical set up is being wasted on below par performers. If this site could contract out with girls from SecretFriends or one of the other sites and step up their game a little bit, it could be great. But the way it is now, at least from what I have seen, there isn’t much going on at Privatefeeds.
The Boys still aren’t happy!


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