A friend told me that I should check out SecretFriends because there was some wild stuff going on over there. Before I did, I checked out if anything had ever been written about it here. It had and it pretty much dogged the site, so I was tempted to just skip over it. But my boy had never led me astray, and from obscure hardcore bands to the most awesome Japanese zombie flicks, he was a reliable judge of quality.

I should have never doubted my boy even for a second. The blog I read said some of the girls weren’t exactly top shelf. Granted, but there are plenty of hot girls at SecretFriends. There were more over at cumtv, and they were of a consistently higher quality but SecretFriends has some strong points going for it, too. Really strong points!

When I first hit the site and the video started to load, I was scared for a second it wouldn’t work since I am using my Mac tonight. But it came up, no problem. I noticed that there was no automatic chat window but a big, pink “Chat with her right now” button. That is fine with me because I am not much for the chatting but when the video came up I was shocked.

I had just hit the first girl to come up, Antonia. I hadn’t even looked at the thumbnail, I just clicked her and I still didn’t know what she looked like because she was waving her very fine ass in the camera and when she moved right, you could see she was topless. Bonus! Nudity on a free chat is pretty rare, right? Especially on your first shot! But like the infomercials say: wait, there’s more. Before I knew it, the underwear was gone and she’s dancing around. You got to see it all for free!

After a minute or so she settled down (it turns out she is way prettier than her thumbnail would lead you to believe) and I wandered around. There were twenty-four girls online. Before I got through the first page (which I think was eighteen girls), I had seen two more topless shows. Then, I hit Sussan. I watched Sussan for about twenty minutes. I have no idea what she looked like. Sussan, on free chat, was full on playing with herself, zoomed in nice and tight. Every couple of minutes it would switch to a screen trying to get me to buy credits and get some free, but there was a large “Return to Video” button that I freely (and quickly) hit to get right back to Sussan. Pretty soon, she brought out the toys, all still free. I have no idea how long she went on… she’s probably still working it. It was getting late and I was getting tired, so I finally gave up on her. I never did finish checking out the rest of the girls but I did decide to write this up really quick. I felt like it was my civic duty to let everyone know that there is some crazy stuff going on over at SecretFriends!

It’s been ten minutes since I wrote that last part. I had to go back and check… you know what? Sussan is still going strong. 100% hardcore toy action, 100% free. SecretFriends is way better than that Japanese zombie flick my boy told me about! Way better! I also got curious and clicked on the banner for 200 free credits (which is 20 minutes). The prices aren’t bad to begin with, they start at like $1.53 (US) per minute if you don’t count the free ones, but free is always nice. I went ahead and got some… I don’t have time to check them out right now, but after see what’s happening for free I need to see what I get when I start laying down some cash!


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