I think I found a new favorite site. Have any of you guys been over to CumTV? Wow. That’s all I can say: wow.

I had a little trouble logging into the site at first. You have to join for free, which is no big deal, but I had to try to confirm the membership and get in three times before it worked. I was cutting and pasting the password from the confirmation email, so it isn’t like I was typing it wrong. But I finally got in (and this was only a while 30 seconds worth of delay, tops) and it was totally worth it.

There were a bunch of girls online; I’m really not sure how many all together but I would guess about 50. There were more on the pay (nude) side as well. I started clicking on girls to see how the place worked and was soon very impressed. Every girl was at least cute, most were pretty and a surprisingly high percentage just plain hot.

All in all, these are some of the hottest web cam girls I’ve ever seen. Well, that’s not true, exactly. How do I say this? How about this: as a group, these were the prettiest girls I have seen. They have some good quality control at CumTV! You know how it is, usually there are pretty girls on a site but you have to weed through some chicks that aren’t that hot or look like they are strung out or something. None of that crap on CumTV, though. Every model was worth looking at! Sure, they weren’t all my type, but they were at least cute.

There are some girls that I am particularly fond of. GentleSoul is pretty enough that she does a full close-up on her face. She is gorgeous. She’s a brunette girl-next door type with brown eyes and a round face… she really reminded me of the kind of girl that ends up as a Playmate. CarlaSquirt was also very pretty. RavenQueen and Intrigue4U are names that stuck in my head too.

Another girl (and this happened with a couple of different gils) named FancyWish was doing a shot of her extremely hot body, which we all assume means she has a face like my Great Dane, but panned up in answer to the multiple requests to see her face and she was gorgeous! That happened with at least two other models, too, but I can’t remember their names. Rounding out the honor roll is AsatisFUCKtion. Even in the free chat she had the good graces to wear see-through panties and let her huge boobs freely fall out of her top!

On the technical side, after I got in the site ran really something and quickly. The refresh rate was good. You can pick between three sizes of screen, all of which expand the chat screen as well, so you can’t get full screen but you can get pretty big and retain decent quality. The bio pages are kid of lame and they are constantly hitting you up to pay to join, buy credits or pay to join fan clubs. I might have to do that with some of these girls; they really were that hot!

To sum it all up, this is my new favorite site. I am probably going to end up dropping quite a bit of cash there, so I had better wrap this up and go work! In case you are wondering, I am supposed to be working now but nobody pays attention to what is happening on the Internet here, hahaha!


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