As much as I have liked a few things I have seen lately, I am always on the prowl for something new. I tried out DirectSex to see what they had to offer and, well, I wasn’t that impressed. I hate to say it because there are quite a few pretty girls on the site. DirectSex does make it pretty easy to find what you want with 24 categories such as Russian Teens, Sexy Latina and Prague Girls (say what you want; there are some gorgeous women from Prague!). Some of them were strangely vague… I’m pretty sure the couple on Hometown Girls weren’t from my hometown, for example, and what is the difference between Sorority Girls and College Girls anyway? But all in all, it is pretty clear.

Because they do not have real pictures of the girls, just a topless girl logo for each room, I had to just make a guess and went with Fresh Teens. I got a “5 Minutes Break” sign. Lame. When I left it was still up even though it was well passed 5 minutes! The second choice was, ummm, well, I don’t remember but it doesn’t matter because when I clicked on it I got a page of code. Trust me, code is never sexy.

I tried another room, the last one on the list, which I think was Sweet Teens. After over a minute, it still hadn’t loaded. Flipping up a couple, I found that both Latina rooms held hot girls in the middle of shows. They were extremely hot and having some really sexy fun, so I considered joining in and went to sign up. Prices started at $24.95 for 20 minutes. That isn’t a terrible price at all, but the trouble I had been having with the site loading made me stop for a second. I went back and flipped through again. The Fresh Teen model was still on a five minute break… another page would not load for me. Even though the Latina girls were gorgeous and the model in Prague Girls was really striking, I just couldn’t do it.

The model in Prague Girls had taken everything off and was obviously heading for a private show. She was a pretty girl, curvy and very real looking. You know, not too thin or crazy fake boobs, a nice trim body and a pretty face. She was perfect but I wasn’t ready to drop the cash on this site. After all, I want to know that the site is going to work and so far DirectSex just wasn’t cutting it. I would have been way better off over at SecretFriends!

I might give DirectSex another try some time later because every girl was really pretty, and that is a key feature. Maybe next time it will actually work right!


Not much to say, really, I'm in my mid-30's and in midwestern America and usually in the middle of about ten things at once. To relax, I dig hot girls and video games, rock and roll and did I mention hot girls?