Am I developing a fetish for fetish?

Last time I looked I came across a girl in fishnets who turned me on in all the right ways, not only did our free chat turn in to a heated good time, but it also sparked an interest I didn’t know existed…tattoos!

I’m not sure that tattoos qualify as a fetish, but hear me out. So, I was lying in my apartment all alone, trying to fall asleep (unsuccessfully), and just flipping through the channels to waste my time when I came across some television show about a girl who opened her own tattoo place in LA. This girl has long dark hair, tight clothes, lip rings and tattoos from head to toe. I caught the tail end of the show and HAD to find her online, just to get another look at her.

So I find a picture of her fully clothed and my mind starts to drift…

“I wonder what she would look like topless?”

“I wonder what she would look like in the shower?”

“I wonder if she bites when she kisses?”

Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to any of these questions, but I was looking for instant gratification to fulfill my fantasy, not the truth! I skim through some of my standard favorite webcam sites but nothing has what I’m looking for at this particular moment, so I have to search.

Finally, after an exhaustive (yet arousing) search of women I get to LiveCamNetwork and start scrolling through girls. The site boasts it is the “Webcam Site of the Year” and the home page has a long list of ladies on the site. I’m looking for something (or someone rather) very specific and the profile pictures are tiny, half-inch headshots! How am I supposed to tell where your tattoos are if all I see is your face? However, if LiveCamNetwork is truly the webcam site of the year I’m not going to discount them so quickly. I scroll through tiny pics looking for something that catches my eye…and there she is- DirtyDebby!

She doesn’t have the tattoos I’m craving, but her black hair, red lips and wrist cuffs make up for it just fine. This rock n’ roll girl will get the job done just right tonight! As luck would have it she just happens to be online and we start to chat a bit. I’m tempted to ask her to pretend to be that girl from TV, but I don’t. I ask her the things I’m wondering and she gives me sexy answers that seem sincere and believable. Yes she bites, but only when she is really into it. Props are fun, but she can work with what she has just as well. She is so full of energy! In my head she is the type of girl who will keep you up for 48 hours straight and never give you a break, and that is exactly what an insomniac like me needs to hear!

LiveCamNetwork is free to chat and $3.79/min for a group nude chat- which I didn’t try because I wanted to get straight to my dirty girl. I went right to the $4.79/min VIP nude chat so I could see what that had going on. The quality was great, the conversation and happenings were even better. What I like best is most of the girls on the site look sexy, but ya know, that attainable kind of sexy…they seem like the kind of girls I would run into at my local dive bar, that is, if I had the time to go…

For now, DirtyDebby and LiveCamNetwork will have to do!