The midweek blues had me scanning the net for some action. I decided to jump into cyberspace and see where it would take me. This time I took a trip to the Orient. The Philippines to be exact. Cams2Chat was my stop tonight.

Based in the Philippines, this site featured all Asian women. If you want Swedish blondes or fiery Irish redheads, you won’t find them here. The girls were all young and most were very attractive. There was a large selection to choose from. Many of the thumbnail pictures on the “Who’s Online” page left nothing to the imagination. The girls were all dressed (except one who creatively used her hair to cover her breasts, and even when she moved they stayed covered) in free chat. The girls were not shy (some were downright pushy) about inviting you into private chat. They did not hide the fact that they wanted to get you into private chat so they could earn money (and who can blame them.)

The video left a little to be desired. Muting the sound did make the video run a little smoother, but did nothing for the overall quality. The video was grainy and jumpy. This did detract from the enjoyment of the ladies a little bit. I hoped that in pay-chat the video would get better, but I was, sadly, disappointed.

The cost per minute for many of the ladies was very reasonable. Some were as low as $1.00 per minute, and I didn’t find any above $2.00 per minute. Credits could be purchased in $25, $50, and $100 increments. Since I was there in the middle of the week, I was also able to take advantage of the Midweek Madness deal. It starts at 12:01 AM Tuesday and runs until 11:59 PM Thursday and gives an additional 10% of the credits free with purchase. So, for a $25 purchase you get an additional $2.50 in minutes. The billing goes through CCBill or Epoch.

The girls were very willing and quickly jump into the action like the girls at AmsterdamLive and CamContacts. I did not have to wait, ask nicely, and wait some more to get the girls out of their clothes (if only my dates would go that smooth.) The girls were very willing to take direction and, as the site promises, the girls are willing to please.

The site was a little slow. It may have been a bandwidth issue or other traffic related problem, but switching between pages took some time. This may have been the problem with the video speed, as well. The site was fairly easy to navigate and the options were not difficult to figure out. After entering through the landing page you are taken right to the who’s online page. Then it is just a matter of picking out a good picture, clicking on it and following it to a live babe on the other end.

Overall, this site was a little too one dimensional for me. Although I do like Asian women, I like a variety too. The poor video quality left a grainy taste in my mouth and the slow functioning of the site left me frustrated. There were some very attractive females on the site and they were willing to put on a good show for the money (which was not all that much.) So, with that in mind I can still give this site a 3 out of 5. Or, if you want more choices of Asian girls, you may try Asianbabecams.