I thought I might try a trip out, hoping for a possible sympathy hook-up for my knee. An injured firefighter should be eligible for a little sympathy, but no luck. So, I came home for some guaranteed (albeit simulated) action. I did a quick search and tried a new site (for me,) Juicy Network.

The opening page was flashy and showcased the models. There were 14 girls on when I first got there and 1 couple. I think it must have been near “shift change”, or I drove them all away, because shortly after that there were only 7 girls and 1 couple. This seemed like a small selection for a Saturday night. The girls were all high quality and attractive. Most were mid to late twenties, although one did appear to be 19 or 20.

The good thing about this site is that to get unlimited free chat all you need is a name and e-mail. The ladies are on video and dressed (or should I say undressed) provocatively. Most of the ladies just tease during the free chat, but Melissa did flash her breasts quickly during chat.

The major flaw with this site is that most of the girls do not speak English as their first language. Most of the chatting is done in their native language (French or Spanish.) There was one girl who’s native tongue was English but her camera wasn’t working. The ladies may have been saying some very hot stuff but I couldn’t understand it. My high school French class didn’t really go into much sex talk (and besides I’ve forgotten all of that anyway.)

The good news is that many of the girls do speak English as well and they will use it in pay chat when needed. Now, the other drawback of this site is that the pay structure is a bit confusing, and very expensive. They show a grid on the buying credits page that is supposed to explain it, however they don’t provide prices until you go to buy. That is where the big surprise comes. The lowest cost option is $60 which covers up to 9 minutes in Bronze level private chat. This would also cover 11 minutes at the Mid-Private level or15 minutes of Voyeur level viewing. The packages go all the way up to the $240 Ultimate package. This package gives 35 minutes of Ultimate Private chat or 59 minutes of Voyeur action. You can charge to your credit card and have instant access to your credits. Even after going through it I am still a little unclear on the various levels and what the benefits are at each. They do make it a little easier by keeping your available minutes posted in the chat windows for you.

The video quality was okay in free chat but was much better in pay-chat. Individual cams varied by performer but a few were close to the HD quality of some other sites. Only one model had sound. I like the sites like Sexyteaser and LiveCamNetwork that use sound in chat.

Even though there weren’t many girls, the quality of talent was good. The high cost makes it a little harder to take and, since my French and Spanish are non-existent, the free chat left me just looking and not chatting. I give this a 3 out of 5, if you have the money to spend.