is a little different to the other website sites that I have reviewed thus far. Unlike other sites, the webcam feature isn’t built into the site. Once you have selected your cam girl you can view them via MSN/AIM/Yahoo etc. The cam site also calls your mobile so you can speak to the girl and hear them. Personally I hate phones at the best of times, so I just listened for a few minutes and hung up and watched the rest of the show. A little tip, DON’T do this. The cam girl stopped had a go at me (not a good way to treat someone who’s paying you) apparently she doesn’t get paid unless I stay on for a few minutes, since the minutes are held with the site, and obviously not controlled via msn.

After letting the site call me back, the show continued somewhat with the mood ruined. Anyway, the cam model was pretty friendly most of the time, not the most attractive face wise, but was very willing to do most things I asked. I’ve gotta say to be honest she was VERY rude most of the time, while I was trying to pay money in, if I didn’t reply for a minute she would call me a fake and tell me she was going to block me. Looking back on it. I should’ve gone with another model. But she did throw in 2 personal videos and I did only pay $5 for the cam show.

The site was pretty easy to pay with, although I put my details in and had to lie about my state (since I am in the UK) so who knows whether my money has really been charged. If you’re in the US however I imagine it’ll be a bit smoother. There are a lot of other models on the site -guy,girl,transexual some of their pages are more detailed than others. Some simply offer cam/calls through the site, others have videos you can buy via the site also.

On a side note, I used a special offer which was $5 for a 10 minute show, which to me is a great price. Since I hung up after 2 minutes, I still have $5 on my account. I can’t say it will work for you, but for me at least I seem to have beaten the system a little.

The girls on the site are really nice, but the selection is a little limited compared to the larger sites out there like but there is still a lot on offer. Its nice being able to view the cams through msn, as long as you’re nice to the girls I’m sure it means you can get a bit more for your money. Personally I would go for a different model to the one I went to, but I don’t want to badmouth her on this site.

Overall its a good site, has a lot smaller feel to the other sites I’ve reviewed, but still professional enough to be good. The lack of models on the site is a bit of a downer, but the few they have are great.

By Toby