The other day I wrote about experiencing my first ever webcam show at LiveJasmin. Given how eye opening and satisfying that experience I was I’ve decided to go back and see what else they offer to webcam fans around the world. On my last visit I spent most of my time in the single girl cam category. However, I did briefly stop by the fetish cams and I was intrigued by the possibilities of a fetish focused cam show.

The fetish category is itself broken down into niche topics, which are as follows: latex, leather, mask, and uniform. Not exactly a huge variety, is it? As it turns out the fetish cams at LiveJasmin seem to break down into two major categories: girls wearing latex and girls wearing costumes (cheerleaders, schoolgirls, French maids, etc). It’s nice that there’s some variety from the normal girls in lingerie experience, but it’s not exactly fetish content.

Most of the time the fetish cams features no more than 30 girls, so you’re selection will be more limited. Nonetheless it’s still possible to find an excellent show, something I had no problem doing within just a few minutes. The first girl I tried called herself DirtySky and she was wearing a black latex bikini and fishnet stockings. The camera was aimed right at her cleavage and it was ample. Her cam was laggy though so I moved on to another after a short stay.

My next stop was with a sexy black haired girl wearing a black silk slip, leather boots, and a slinky black tank top that was practically falling off. She also had on a spiked collar, which was really her only fetish gear. This girl was exceptionally pretty and as I found out the fetish aspect of her cam was in the performance. For a fee, $1.99 a minute, she was willing to do anything I wished. She would play the submissive to my master or we could flip the roles and she would command me as she saw fit.

Further explorations of the fetish cams revealed that this was the main difference between the fetish girls and the normal girls. The fetish cam babes were more than happy to engage in this type of role playing and I would imagine that they’d be willing to do just about anything I asked for, as long as it didn’t involve injuring themselves (they’d probably be more than happy to order me to injure myself though).

The other distinct type of fetish cam I ran across were the girls who specialized in uniforms. One girl was wearing a very sexy French maid’s outfit that was all done up in lace and the other was wearing your typical slutty schoolgirl’s outfit. Both looked damn fine though and would have made great private show partners had I been in the mood.

After spending time with most of the girls in the fetish cam area I feel confident in saying that LiveJasmin has come through again. You won’t be able to explore the deepest, darkest, most niche fetishes on the planet here but you’ll certainly find ample resources to explore dom/sub relationships and even a little bondage and pain. If you’re into girls in uniform or latex/leather clothes you’ll be doubly pleased.

The last thing I want to mention is that LiveJasmin also has a fairly active shemale cam section. There are usually 40-50 shemales live at any time of day and most of them are of the Asian ladyboy variety. Some of them are exceptionally attractive and worth spending some time with if that’s your particular fetish. I expect to post about the shemale cams another day but I thought you should know that it’s a pretty well developed option.