Whoa! That’s about all I can say right now: whoa!

I just checked out LiveJasmin. There are a few places I’ve been going here and there on the Internet for a while but I thought they were getting a bit dated and old-fashioned. Yeah, turns out I was right. I checked out LiveJasmin kind of at random and it was light-years ahead of the other sites I had been checking out… and I pay for some of them.

First thing, there were over 400 free shows going on. 400! There is pretty much something for everyone but that was kind of a problem. I was in a very redhead kind of mood, but that is not one of the categories they list. Obviously, with all of those chicks there are some redheads somewhere but I didn’t ever find one. To deal with that momentary disappointment, I did what any red blooded American male would do and headed straight for the lesbians. About half were in private shows and the rest weren’t really doing it for me either and I was beginning to wonder if LiveJasmin is like my satellite TV: 400 channels and not a damn thing on.

Still, I started to check around. Any doubts disappeared and so did about an hour and a half of my life. You can drop in on a chick, see what’s up and, thanks to the rather large thumbnails across the bottom of the screen, jump to something that looks better when you start to get a little bored or they go to a private. Like I said, ninety minutes pretty much flew by. I never did find a redhead, but I sure did find some extremely hot Latin girls.

Looking back, LiveJasmin had some super cool features. Now I admit that I am coming out of the Stone Age, but the first thing that caught my eye was those thumbnails. I was using my laptop, but they were still pretty big for thumbnails. It made it easy to choose who my next target would be. Not all of the feeds had audio, but at least half of the girls I dropped in on had it. Since I already had music playing on the laptop and the TV on, I turned off the audio but I was still impressed that it was there. The frame rate wasn’t the best I had ever seen, but it wasn’t terrible either. It wasn’t a slideshow like some sites seem to be but it wasn’t exactly a full on stream either. I didn’t do any privates (this time) and I kind of wonder if the frame rate is better. If it is, someone let me know! There were two bigger sizes of screen to pick from, too, which was pretty awesome. When you blow up the video the chat disappears unless you cursor over it. Since half of what I was watching was in foreign languages I couldn’t of cared less and the quality stayed about the same with the bigger shots, which was also nice.

The final feature that I real dug was the girls’ private pages. Almost all of them had multiple pictures on their pages and a pretty good amount of them were at least topless. If a girl wasn’t showing what I wanted to see I would just hit her personal page and chances were I would find exactly what I wanted! It was just the perfect touch to a great site.

All things considered, this was a sweet site that was almost too big! I am going to try again for sure because I still need to find some redheads!


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