I’ve popped my cherry (metaphorically speaking). After seven years working in and around the adult internet I’ve finally had my first experience with webcam shows thanks to LiveJasmin. A few days ago I figured that I would go ahead and see what everyone was talking about and actually explore one of these webcam sites. I wanted to start with one of the big ones so after a little research I settled on LiveJasmin, which has a ton of cams to choose from and a nice mix of categories.

The other thing LiveJasmin has is the ability to view cam shows without having to sign for an account or fork out any money or credit card information. My research showed that many sites at least want your email address and some ask that you give a credit card, which they won’t charge until you say so, just for age verification. LiveJasmin doesn’t require you jump through any of these hoops, and that was one of the reasons I chose them.

The first thing you see when visiting the site is a list of categories, broken up between the free live chat cams and the members only cams. There’s also a small contingent of non nude cams, but there are very few live performers on these and I’m not sure why you’d use them anyway, considering what else is available.

The first place I visited was the Girl category, which is the most widely populated by a large margin. There are usually at least 300 girls on at any time and at peak you’ll find 400-500. I was surprised to find that most of the girls are very attractive. I’m not sure why this was so surprising, but I guess I was expecting them to be ugly because they’re all essentially amateurs. Porn stars are good looking because they’ve been through a fairly rigorous selection process, but no such thing exists for webcam models. Nevertheless, LiveJasmin does a good job of choosing their talent.

The first chat page I visited was for a model named LivingAngel, a beautiful blonde babe with large fake breasts and strong sense of her own sexuality. Her cam stream was flawless, which as I found out later is not always the case. Some of them skip frequently, leaving out half seconds of action here and there. However, there are enough cams on LiveJasmin that you don’t have to stand for the low quality ones; just find another girl with a better feed.

LivingAngel turned out to be quite a find for my first time out. When I first entered the chat the camera was focused on her face and she was chatting with her audience. Within 30 seconds she was adjusting the camera, zooming it out slightly and moving its focus down to her chest. I was pleasantly surprised by this, especially since it was the free chat area. Once the camera was in place she surprised me further by beginning a very sensual dance that continued until I was timed out of the session.

LiveJasmin doesn’t want to give everything away for free, so eventually you will get timed out of the free chat if you don’t sign up to become a member. You can always just move on to another girl, of which there are hundreds, but if you find a favorite you’ll have to sign up to see more of her. Signing up is a simple, streamlined task. First you input a username and password, along with your email address. Then you choose your payment method, of which there are at least 10, and then you choose your currency, of which there are 9 different choices. There are five different monitory options you can choose, starting with $9.99 and topping out at $99.99. Members get unlimited free chat with the performers and the only thing you spend money on is private performances and archive shows from the past.

One area in which I found myself confused was the pricing of the actual shows. All of the girls in the free chat cams want you to order a private show with them, but there’s no actual mention of fees anywhere on the site. I saw a few girls mention that they’re private shows cost $1.99 a minute, but is that the standard price for everyone or can each individual performer set their own prices? It would have been nice of there was some information on this, even if they can’t specify what I would have to pay for each show. As a first timer it was disconcerting not to know what was going on and it made me hesitant to fork over any cash.

Be aware that if you’re visiting any of these chat rooms to do any actual chatting that you’re going to have an unpleasant experience. Most of the chat consists of things like “hey bb show tits,” “finger pussy bb,” and “can you do anal for me?” Everyone wants the performer to get naked for free and she wants everyone to pay her to see that, so watching the chat can be a mind numbing experience. However, you can make the chat go away completely by watching the cam at full screen, one of three size options offered.

LiveJasmin has more than 10,000 performers in a wide range of categories and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s available. However, I can say that I’m hooked on the experience and there’s no doubt that I’ll be going back for more. As I delve deeper into the world of webcams I’ll report back on my findings.