My hairy palms were at it again. Last night I stumbled upon I thought the video in was good. This site blows it out of the water. (Which is a little strange since they appear to be the same company and the same models.) The HD rooms look better than most porn movies, and that is in the free chat. The picture quality is good and there are no delays or pixilation common with streaming video of lower quality. The non-HD rooms left a little to be desired as far as video quality. However, after the HD rooms, not much could stack up.

The girls, although limited in number, are all top quality. They are all professional and show just enough in free chat to entice viewers to buy time and enter paid chat. The drawback is that there are usually only 3 or 4 girls in free chat at a time with another 3 or 4 in paid chat. The girls are good at what they do. They entice viewers into paid chat and then work the audience well. A few of the girls give a pretty good show in free chat, but never enough to bypass the pay option. You can sign up to watch the girls in the free chat rooms, but cannot chat with them until you add money to your “Hot Wallet.” At that point you can chat with the girls all you want.

I skimmed through all of the girls’ free chat rooms when they were available. Then I decided to take the cheap option and Spy on a couple of paid chats. At $2.39 per minute it is much cheaper than the VIP option of $3.99 to $4.89. I waited until they had been in private a few minutes then jumped in. DirtyDebbie was already well into her show when I peeked in. Adele however was still teasing after a few minutes. After a good preview I decided to jump into a Group Nude Chat for $3.79 per minute. This gave me a little control, but these girls control the pace no matter how much you think you are directing. And when all is said and done you thank them for it. I checked out Ava in group chat and she was very good at teasing just enough to keep you wanting more until she finally gives you the real prize. Finally, I sprung for it and went into VIP chat with Angelina. She finished off my evening with a definite bang. She was certainly worth the $4.89 per minute. Not too much flash, but enough to keep it exciting. She took direction, but kept me on the edge all the time.

The site’s features are easy to maneuver through. The Home page is not too cluttered and the menus are easy to work through. This site seems to rely on the quality of the girls, and the video rather than flash and flair. It is easy to buy time and also easy to spend it. Funds can be added in $20 increments from $20 to $80, with an additional option of $99.95 (with an extra $11.95 free.)

Definitely worth a try. The limited number of models makes it a short stop but the quality of the models and the video make it a good one. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.