Well, my idle hands found something to keep them busy last night. While scouring the net for some webcam action I stumbled across SexyTeaser.com. I had not been there before so I decided to give it a try.

At first inspection it appears very classy with a lot of flash. However, I have been fooled enough times to know better than to bite on the opening page. As I clicked around the site I noticed some very attractive ladies. Again, I approached this discovery with caution. I have seen some very attractive thumbnail photos lead to some rather unattractive females. I clicked around the site a little more to check out functionality (yeah, I guess that is important to some people.) The site was very easy to navigate, with easy to read menus and options. At least that is how it appeared.

I decided to check out the free chat room. I chose Atish, a French-English girl. She had dark hair and deep dark eyes that it was easy to get lost in. I am a sucker for an accent and her French accent drove me crazy right off the bat. Shortly after joining the chat room, another free chat member (who had obviously visited before) mentioned that it was his birthday. To my surprise, she gave him a nice flash of the breasts as she sang “Happy Birthday.” She continued to tease with some great see through panty shots. She commenced to rub herself and make sure she had everyone’s attention. The quality of the video was very good in free chat, even when enlarged to full screen size. Atish responded to all typed messages to prove she was, indeed, live. She did tease and grab your attention to entice buying. It worked for me.

The price is a little high, at $3.99 per minute for group and $4.99 for V.I.P. chat. There is also a Voyeur option for $3.49 per minute, in which you can watch when the model is in private, but not chat. The “Buy Time” options start at $20 and increase by $20 increments up to $80, with a final $99.95 option that gives the buyer an additional $10 free. This is where my problems began. I couldn’t buy time. I went to the page to buy time but all I could do is click a radio button. Nothing happened after clicking the button and there was no other button. The only link was directly to CCNow. I had to call the customer service number to get help with this.

Normally, having to go through that much trouble would have turned me away, but Atish was pretty hot and I loved her accent. Finally, I skipped right to V.I.P. chat with her. She was very open in private and put on a great show. The video quality in private chat was, surprisingly, not as good as in free chat. There were a few more hitches in the video and at times it became pixilated.

After my private show, I went back to check out other features of the site. There were about 10 girls on at the time. There are about 160 girls registered on the site. Although it is difficult to tell from thumbnail photos, the majority of the girls appeared to be above average. Overall, I would say this is a worthy site to check out if they get the “Buy Time” page fixed and you have a little extra cash to throw around. I’d give this a 3 out of 5 rating.