Has a great ring to it doesn’t it? ChicksWithSmallTits dot com, I think it’s great that people appreciate there is value in all sizes of tits not just those big bloated silicone filled ones that are now so popular.

Live amateur teens are to be found on every cam site out there really, but finding the ones with the tinny itty bitty bite sized tits is much harder work. Not a lot of sites let you really search by things like that.

Find me all the Asian 18 year old bi shaved girls, sure that’s an easy search. But small tits? No, that isn’t often mentioned.

Ifriends is one of the few where you can specifically ask for that — under “Bust size” you can choose “Small” and get to this search:
Small Busts” BUT there is a serious problem here — a lot of the girls on that list have huge tits!

Why doesn’t the site correct things like that? It makes the whole searching rather pointless.