It’s after midnight on a Friday and I’m just getting home from work! I was a bit naughty tonight, I brought my laptop to the lab because I knew I would be working long hours tonight and there would be a lot of waiting around for things to get done. I signed online just to check my email and I noticed in my inbox I had my registration activation for a site called ImLive. Nobody in their right mind should be in the office after 6pm on a Friday, and there I was, 10:55pm, the loneliest girl in the world, stuck at work AGAIN! I decided to take a look. That couldn’t hurt right?

I started clicking. I just wanted to take 5 minutes and look around before I had to get back to work…but I had no idea what I was in for! The site was kind of hard to navigate at first so I HAD to spend more than five minutes getting myself used to it. I started clicking around, browsing through the live video chat girls, clicking on the free snapshots, looking through the live action web cam options, then I immediately check out who I could find in the threesome room, then back to the girls alone to see what my options would be when I actually had the time to watch.

Before I knew it I’m clicking through snapshots of every girl in fishnets (I can’t resist a girl in fishnets!) I went to the girl on girl section to see who was there, and to be quite honest, to pretend I was one of those girls. That just made me jealous and angry, and what’s better when you are angry then browsing through the fetish section. I mean, like I said, I’m just your average bisexual girl who has a little thing for web cam action, I’m not into fetish all the time, but when I feel like this it’s satisfying to see whips and leather!

There is really something for everyone in this site, whether you are into shy, quiet girls, young, pretty Asians, kinky fetish types, this site has it all.  They have free text chat and inexpensive video chat options…. which of course I have to take advantage of because I saw a pin-up type who looked just like my ex from home. I looked at my watch and looked at the screen, then looked at my watch and at the screen again. Just a few more minutes, that’s not a problem right? I got up the nerve to say hello to my girl of the night. We talked for a bit and it was almost like a “real” conversation…I mean, I’m not new to this, I know that these girls want me to “pay to play,” but I felt like there was no pressure. I felt like I could go over and watch if I wanted to…or not…but yeah right, I was already super turned on and ready to go, so I had to see more!

I watched for a bit, I got way too into it and then it was approaching midnight, my work was in shambles, my face was turning red and I realized that no matter how great ImLive is I should not be doing this at work…. however, my pretty little pin-up girl has her schedule posted, so I know where and when to meet her next!