Call me Digger.

Why? Because I like to play in the dirt. For years I was a professional archeologist, and I even have a diploma from a major university to prove it. I dug up many an arrowhead and stone flake, not to mention the occasional human skeleton. These days I own a bookstore, and while away the time between customers ogling girls on the Internet. Although I still enjoy archeology, it’s a lot more fun selling books and further developing my appreciation of the female human form in all its amazing variety.

What do I like in women? The better question might be, what don’t I like? Self-confidence is sexier to me than looks, though I’m as struck by beauty as the next guy. I respect the women willing to do this kind of work, and I don’t like cheats. Unlike some guys who frequent camgirl sites, I’m not interested in the unattainable, and I won’t put a girl on a pedestal just because she won’t bare herself to the camera. I’ve never understood that, frankly. The girls on these sites are here to do a job, and I’m here to see them put on a show that’s worth seeing, especially if I’m willing to pay for the privilege. Sorry, ladies; just telling it like it is.

I believe in honesty, and that’s what you’ll get from my reviews. If I’m impressed, you’ll know it; and if I’m not, you’ll see that too.

Stay tuned.

By Digger

I'm a former archeologist. Nowadays I own a bookstore.