Who am I? I’m MJ, just a normal 35 year old dude living in the Midwest (that’s the middle of America). I like to write and check out girls and so I am trying to do some writing about checking out girls…. Well, it makes sense to me anyway.

Why do you care? I don’t know, but you read this far, didn’t you? Seriously, I think I can kind of write some and if I can hip you to a few cool spots out there in the big old scary World Wide Web then I am happy to do it. I pretty much like girls and not too much crazy stuff, like I said before I’m a normal guy. Like every red-blooded American dude I know, I have a mild fascination with Asian chicks and stand in awe of hot lesbians but pretty much can appreciate female beauty in all colors, creeds and characters. I’ll admit I am probably not your source for hot she-male tips and don’t really get much fetish stuff (I totally am not into feet… what’s that about?) but for an honest opinion of the virtues of the general female form, MJ is your man!


Not much to say, really, I'm in my mid-30's and in midwestern America and usually in the middle of about ten things at once. To relax, I dig hot girls and video games, rock and roll and did I mention hot girls?