Loneliness drove me into cyber space again last night. After a quick search of available webcam chat sites, I decided to give WebcamCutie.com a try. The name implied some nice hotties might be lurking there. There are over 300 models on the site (although not all women, some TS, males, and couples) but there was only one girl on when I got there. Unlike some of the larger sites, like iFriends, Camcontacts or Streamate, with hundreds to thousands of girls and a large percentage on at any time, this site had one. There were many that showed they should be on, according to their profiles, but only one actually online.

She was a cutie, as the name implied, but she was the only one. Jazzy had a very cute, young face and she was very sexy. Unfortunately, the poor video quality did take away from my enjoyment a little. She did a good job of teasing in the free chat area. The slow, choppy quality of the video made me hesitant to spend any money to go further. I liked what I saw in free chat but due to the delay I was afraid I would miss the good stuff in a pay-per-minute chat.

The site was easy to navigate and offered many options for buying time. A member wishing to simply watch free chat could sign up for free and activate the membership through their e-mail only. To buy time for pay-chat they offer CCBill, EuroBill, SMS Text, Phone, Credit/Debit Card to Webcamcuties, Bank or Wire Transfer, Digital Wallet, or even pre-pay options. The credits start at $20, and then increase in $20 increments to $100.

The group chat rate for Jazzy was definitely affordable at $1.00/minute. Even the private chat was inexpensive, at $1.99 per minute. Even though the video quality was not great, desperation will drive a person to acts of foolishness. I decided to check out the pay-chat. I opted for the group chat, at the lower rate. I entered with optimism that the pay chat would have a streaming video, but I was sadly disappointed.

Jazzy put on a very hot show but the choppy (and sometimes blurred) video did, indeed, detract from the overall performance. This is too bad, too, because Jazzy is certainly a very attractive woman with some beautiful “assets.” The other models listed on the site appear just as attractive, from their profile pictures. Unfortunately, the low quality video may keep them from getting the exposure they deserve. And, if they are offline it is impossible to check them out.

The other negative for me with this site was the lack of audio in the chat room (free or pay.) There were only a few models listed with Audio. The audio may have made up for the poor video. This lack of audio might not have been as noticeable if Jazzy had been a good conversational typist, however, she rarely interacted.

When all was said and done, I left this experience lonelier than when I entered. A good webcam chat site should make you feel as if you have actually spent time with the girls and when you leave, although your wallet is a little lighter, your memory bank is full from the experience. WebcamCuties did not fulfill that need. I can only give this one star out of five (and that one was because Jazzy was pretty hot.)