1. What Does It Have To Offer
MyFreePaySite.com has all the standard features that you should expect from an adult webcam site, including the most important thing — a bevy of babes who come in all shapes and sizes who are ready to do all sorts of kinky things by themselves and with partners for your pleasure. And they’re dying to tell you all about it on chat.

Most of the girls look like amateurs and have average looks. But quantity has its benefits. Hey, most of us aren’™t that picky anyway as long as there’s that one thing about a babe that captures our attention. Long legs, killer curves, bouncy boobs and the right attitude all get me going and there is plenty of that on this site.

Besides, if you’re the type of man who wants perfect faces and perfect bodies. There are always at least one or two hotties who are online on this site any time of day, just waiting to give you all the webcam action that you want.

2. Homepage
Within five minutes of entering this site’s homepage, you’ll know everything you need to know about MyFreePaysite — and that’s a good thing. It’s all here — the webcam girls, the types of action available (girls alone, fetishes, bondage-bdsm, gender-benders, etc.) and all other options (live shows, video feeds, XXX photos, erotic stories, porn links, etc.). Don’t be misled by the hot babes on the homepage, though. Only a handful of them are really that hot.

Although the site is easy to navigate, it lacks some of the great stuff we’ve learned to love on other adult webcam sites. For instance, it doesn’t have the “Live Now” flashing light of, say, Free-Adult-Webcam-Girls.com that lets you know which of the girls is ready to rock when you’re online. Without that, visitors to this site will have to search line by line and page by page to find the girls who are presently online.

3. Features
It has all the basic features of your standard adult webcam sites — live video, chat function, archived porn. Chatting for free is also possible. The worst things about this site is that it tries to pack so many things in a single page and the huge number of ads and links to other adult sites can be irritating. For this reason alone, I’m inclined to give this site a rating of 4 although it should rate higher than that.

4. Babes
Talk about variety. This site offers a lot of sexy. curvy girls as well as a couple of really chubby ones too. Their ages range from 19 to 41. Some of the girls have their own partners, male or female, but the great majority are flying solo. Of course, aside from your Americans and Canadians, this site has a generous sprinkling of Euros, Latinas and Asians.

How hot are they? Most are lukewarm, but there are some girls who are sizzling hot, such as Serenity (19 years old), babybling (24 y/o) and Delicious Peach (26 y/o) to name a few. The bottom line is that there are so many girls available here that, with some effort, you will surely find someone to get you off.

5. Price
You will pay $1 for 1 credit and need 2-4 credits per minute to chat with a girl.

6. Rating
MyFreePaysite gets four out of five stars.

By DrHandcuffs

I'm a connoisseur of the art of the slow striptease, especially if there's a hot chat involved. I'm eager to share my recommendations with my fellow experts in this field. Cheers!