As a connoisseur of fine young ladies, I’m always happy when I discover a site that offers dozens of live girls to gaze upon and chat up, no matter what time of day I decide to go online. Imagine my joy, then, when I first ventured onto and discovered not just a few dozen active cams, but over 200! Needless to say, I was intrigued, and ended up spending a lot of time there.

The chat interface was pie-easy to use, and the video was of good quality, but not the best; I suppose it varies according to the type of cam the model has. All the ones I looked at were high-speed connections, so no jerkiness — a point in their favor. Interestingly, not only do you get video with some cams, you get audio too. I’ll admit that this adds a whole new dimension to the webcam experience, but it’s not a dimension I’m interested in experiencing most of the time. Mostly you get an earful of the girls’ favorite music (for some reason, it’s usually trashy Europop), or incidental background noises like the ice clinking in the girl’s drink glass. To me, that ruins the mood — and heaven forbid she should speak, because too often a) I can’t even understand what she’s saying; or b) She sounds like a gerbil on crack. It’s worse if c) she has a deep voice, because then I start looking for an Adam’s apple and other telltale bulges. Hey, some of these shemales look a lot like the real thing! (Not my thing, needless to say. No, really.)

I suppose the point is that I’m visually oriented, so I find the audio aspect of these sites to be distracting — so I turn the sound off. I’m sure I’ll do the same when they finally figure out a protocol to send smell over the Internet. Taste and touch, now, that’s different…

Moving right along, I was gratified to discover that the selection included a wide variety of women, rather than the homogenous fare that some sites offer. I didn’t see any black ladies, but nearly every other shade was available, with plenty of Asians in the crowd, including lots of Pinays (Filipino girls, for the uninitiated). There was also just about every body type available, from skinny to extravagantly lush. Some of the latter were quite attractive. I’ve always been attracted to cute oversized women, though I must admit that it’s the slimmer girls who pop my cork more often.

Now, these 200 lovelies merely made up the list of girls doing basic free live chat. On top of that, there were 144 new model cams, in their own special category, and 167 nude model cams. Actually, in each category there were more people than cams, since there were some couples and a few threesomes working the camera, and even four Pinay girls in one case (sadly, they were in a private show at the time). I suspect there were even (gasp!) a few orgies going on, although, alas, I didn’t get to see any. But I can say that when claims to have thousands of models, they bloody well aren’t kidding. It must take a helluva lot of work just to keep everything organized, and get everyone paid.

Speaking of money — aye, there’s the rub. While you can chat for free with scantily clad cam-cuties, many of whom display their wares with imaginative style, you’re not going to see so much as a nude nipple without paying. While it’s true that some girls do eventually phase into nudity at some level — apparently — the instant they do, that cam becomes a pay-cam. Either someone is watching everything really close, or there’s a switch they flip to turn the camera to “members only.”

It’s easy and free to become a member. But you’re still stuck chatting only with clothed chicas until you decide to pump some money into your account. Fortunately for some of us, you can’t add more than $100 worth of credits to your account per day unless you’re a VIP member. But hey, that’s free too! And if you go ahead and purchase $100 worth of credits, you’ll get ten minutes free. That ten minutes is hard to put a dollar amount on, because each model (couple, threesome, etc.) sets their own per-minute rate. Oh, and that free ten minutes counts only for a recorded show — though the per-minute rate thing is also true of live nude cams and private shows.

Did I mention that they also have over 5,000 hours of recorded shows you can choose from? Clearly, you’re never going to get bored. That’s a number that would stretch any adult cam aficionado’s endurance. Let’s see, that’s more than half a year’s worth of shows, assuming you watched them one after another. Add in a few breaks and the occasional nap, and wow. Hook me up to the IV, Earl, I’m goin’ in. See you in June!


By Digger

I'm a former archeologist. Nowadays I own a bookstore.