How bad is this? I’m sitting home, alone in my apartment on a Saturday night. I’ve just spent four hours cleaning my place from top to bottom and I FINALLY unpacked some of the boxes that have been sitting in various rooms since I moved in 4 months ago. I’ve been so scatterbrained lately that I thought a good organization session would be good for me….and if you think that is pathetic, let me tell you what I did next! I poured a glass of red wine, turned on my favorite Christmas CD and watched porn!

There is a silver lining to this story- Spread4u ! I went to this site on a whim and it delivered what I was looking for. I’m going to be honest, I’ve been spending way too much time on cam sites lately and they are all starting to blend together and look the same to me. I’m starting to pay less attention to the girls and more attention to how user-friendly the site is. I mean, let’s face it, anywhere you go you are going to find amazingly sexy and gorgeous women willing to talk sexy and turn you on at a minimal out-of-pocket cost, but something has to keep you coming back.

Spread4u has the potential to be one of those sites I keep coming back to. You can scroll through the ladies to find out which chat you want to go to and who you want to talk to and what you want to do with said hottie and all of that. The pictures are tiny, but you can look through a super-sexy gallery free of charge…. sometimes the picture is all you need for the night, or maybe I should say sometimes a picture is all I need for the night. You do have to register before you start checking out the pictures, but I registered a few weeks ago and haven’t got a ridiculous amount of Spam in my inbox as a result yet, so they are already earning points in my good site book!

You can chat for free and all of the girls I talked to have audio too so you can hear them. I usually turn the audio off because the sound quality gets me out of the sexy mood and into the annoyed state of mind, but for the most part the audio I’ve heard has been nice. Just enough to get you going. The chats aren’t nude, but the girls aren’t wearing much, and you’ll get a little peek if you ask really nicely. However, the nude chat is a little over a dollar a minute and the girls give you a full free show…well, I don’t know about all the girls, but Amina, Hot Michelle, Dirty Latin and Celine have all delivered for me so far, so I imagine the others will too!

And in the spirit of a full report I will tell you that tonight I went with Dirty Latin for the nude chat, I haven’t tried the private chat yet because It’s more expensive and I don’t need a private session with an internet girl just yet. I scrolled through the girls and picked Dirty Latin because she was already topless and had the most amazing body I’ve ever seen, I mean perfect from head to toe. Her hair was covering her in a very picturesque fashion, and for a minute it made me feel just a little less dirty, but then I remembered it was Dirty Latin I was talking to after all, and I wouldn’t feel clean for long. We chatted for a minute and then she shook her head to move her hair away from her body and give me the beginning of a tantalizing show. I just wanted to watch, that was all I intended to do tonight. She licked her lips and shut her eyes a she touched the rest of her body. I’ve seen that look before; it’s the face of a woman who wants you but isn’t ready to take you yet. I followed her fingers as she moved up and down her body; it was so gentle, graceful even. It seemed to take forever for her hands to move from her face to below her waist, and without even thinking I found my hands following hers. She gave me a little and then stopped, and did that over and over again just long enough for me to get good and turned on, so much so I couldn’t help myself anymore.

And the rest, my friend, is Internet history… Spread4u- check it out if you can!