The world’s first webcam went live in 1991 in the science department of Cambridge University. The webcam was directed a coffee pot in what was called the Trojan Room and its purpose was to let people know whether or not there was any coffee available before they took a long walk down the hall. On that day in 1991 an internet phenomenon was born and it continues to grow to this day, thanks in large part to the adult industry. Executives in the porn industry immediately realized the potential of this new technology and set about finding ways to use it to their financial gain. A technology that was no doubt intended to help people communicate with each other became yet another way for people to get off. I say cheers to that because we always need more ways to get off.

The adult industry actually has a long history of trend setting when it comes to technology. Sony’s Betamax format was a huge failure because the parent company refused to let adult producers dub their movies in it. Faced with this rejection they moved on to the competing VHS format and soon Betamax tapes were filling dumpsters all around the world and Sony was bowing it’s head in shame. Adult video companies were also among the first to embrace the DVD format, churning out thousands upon thousands of videos a year in the new format. Most recently it’s been rumored that Sony is once again ignoring adult video producers when it comes to the Blu-Ray DVD format.

Because of the adult industry’s early adoption of webcam’s a huge percentage of their usage is strictly adult related. Whether it’s a husband and wife separated by long distances having video sex or a man in his office masturbating to a webcam babe there are hundreds of different uses for these wonderful pieces of technology. Now anyone in the world can become an amateur porn star from the comfort of her (or his) home. Exhibitionist couples can live out their fuck fantasies without exposing themselves to any of the dangers of public sex (like getting arrested). Webcams have opened up a huge world of amateur porn for the home viewer and it gets richer every day.

There are a number of major webcam sites on the internet and each of them have hundreds of performers that you can choose from. A site like features thousands of webcam performers that promise to bring you sexual stress relief. Even late at night, 3:00AM as I write this, there are nearly 600 performers on looking to help me in any way I want, as long as I’m willing to pay of course. is one of the biggest webcam aggregators but there are a few other huge sites like, and that offer a wealth of options if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

In the span of sixteen years webcams have grown from a novelty to a ubiquitous technology that now comes installed standard on some computer. Where in the early days you could use your webcam to watch a woman strip you can now fulfill almost any fantasy your mind can dream up. Want to have a woman dominate you? Find the fetish section of your favorite cam site and pick one of the hundreds of babes. Want to watch a shemale masturbate? A few more clicks and you’re there. Would you like to see a pregnant woman naked? I guarantee you’ll find at least one, more likely five or six, online at any time. Webcams have become a healthy way to enjoy any fantasy that fills your mind and that’s a good thing.