DrHandcuffs here, at your service. I’m a veteran of hundreds of adult webcam chats and have spent thousands of hours watching women do all sorts of things – hot, kinky and some stuff that will just blow your mind. There’s hardly anything that I have to leave to the imagination because I’ve seen and done it all. Thankfully, there are still times when I’m pleasantly surprised, and I will share those moments with you.

Starting this week and every week after, I’ll be doing a regular review of some of the leading adult webcam sites out there. I’ll endorse those that will make you hot and hard and grind the pretenders to the ground. What can you guys expect from my reviews? To answer that, let me tell you what I want because that’s the main barometer for how I’m going to size up the websites I cover.

I want variety — in girls, in performance, in venues. I want to see all types of girls — blondes, brunettes, redheads, Latinas, brown sugar, Asians and more. I am not picky about the women I admire as long as they have the face of an angel (or a she-devil) and the body to boot. If there’s one thing they should have in common, it’s that they should be young. Sorry, no grannies for this boy.

I want the girls to do more than just tease me with their studied lines and their slow striptease. I want them to tell me their innermost secrets, up close to the camera, close enough for me to touch. I want to hear them tell me they’re horny and dying to feel me in them, behind them or in their mouth. I want to watch them when they don’t know I’m looking — as they piss or dress or have sex. But most of all, I want to watch those striking beauties bare their bodies and their desires and, hopefully, share in some of that, too.

Finally, I want to see videos from webcams situated at the most strategic places — on the ceiling, in the loo and wherever else the imagination demands. Not to say I’m tired of watching the old girl-in-front view. That never grows old if the babe you’re watching catches your fancy and the things she’s doing make you, uhm, rise to the occasion.

Ah, the things I will have for you. I won’t be coy and I won’t play nice. I’ll be honest to the bone and rip a site to shreds when I have to. After all, the only way I can give readers the real low-down on the best webcam sites out there is to speak the truth and blast the pretenders by being brutally cruel when I see crap.

By DrHandcuffs

I'm a connoisseur of the art of the slow striptease, especially if there's a hot chat involved. I'm eager to share my recommendations with my fellow experts in this field. Cheers!