Are you interested in Adult Webcams?  Can you write?  Do you want your articles to be seen here?  Then you are invited to join the team as a guest blogger or article writer.

Here’s how it works:

You have something about which you’d like to write an article or blog post.  Perhaps it is a review of a webcam chat site, perhaps it is your comments on a particular camgirl, maybe you have your own site about adult webcam chat and wish to publicize it.  All good!

Create an account on

  1. Write me an email to the address in whois (if you don’t know how to do that then this offer may not be for you) mentioning your username.
  2. I’ll set your account to be a contributor
  3. Log in to WordPress and submit your article
  4. I’ll review it and publish it live on the site.  If you submit several articles with no issues I’ll set your account to publish automatically.
  • Articles must be about Adult Webcam Chat Sites
  • They should be of meaningful content and length; check out existing articles on the site to see what this means but as a guide at least 300 words with some substantial point to make.
  • You can add as many relevant links as you wish; but remember if the article starts to not look good to people, it won’t look good to search engines either.
  • You should not interfere with the automated linking mechanism.  Note that if your article title is used in another article on the site then it will get automatically linked.
  • Do not submit duplicate, even spun, articles as they don’t benefit the readers, yourself or myself.

I reserve the absolute right to edit any article to confirm to the standards of the site, and the absolute right to reject any article; which of course you’ll be then free to use elsewhere.

Copyright in the article remains with you, however you grant me a license to publish it on including syndicate it via RSS.

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