Introduction to Riv Cams

Riv Cams is a cam site which gives its members a chance to really interact with the cam girls. Not only can you watch live naughty shows featuring sexy girls, you can also buy their lingerie, view their amateur porn pics and vids, get their personal phone numbers and other contact info. There are a lot of really hot girls who are actually true amateurs working out of their own homes. Riv Cams is international but there are an exceptional amount of Italian babes who can be found here. For fans of live webcam sex, amateur porn and sexy accents, is a great site which gives you more, so long as you are willing to pay for it.

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European cam girls and others

Even though Riv Cams offers a lot of different features, it is primarily a web cam sex site. There are around 4,000 amateur cam girls, most of which are Italian girls in the 18-22 range. There are quite a few older babes too though and girls with various body types along with a few male models as well. However, RivCams is the place for incredibly sexy European chicks with big tits, slim figures and stunning good looks. As far as I can tell, these girls are actually real amateurs meaning that they are just regular chicks looking to make some extra cash from their homes. I didn’t even find any studio models or girls with professional photos. Even though the models are mostly Italian, most English-speaking guys will love their exotic charm and their sexy accents. Of course, the private sex shows depend on the performer. Most of these babes seem willing to go all out with strip teases, live masturbation, toy play and even solo anal. In addition to private shows, there are also value webcam shows that you can watch though they aren’t one on one. Almost all of the girls have their own gallery of xxx pictures, amateur sex videos and you can buy their contact info. I am not sure what is really supposed to happen if you buy an MSN address or mobile number- maybe the girl will answer or even agree to meet you for a sex date. However, there is no guarantee that you will get anything when buying this contact info!

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Browsing Rivcams’ camgirls

The navigation at Riv Cams really needs some work. First of all, the site design is really cluttered by options like “google settings”, “rules”, “contact staff” and other options which you probably won’t be using too much. It would also help if all the personal banking information was put onto one page instead of several different pages. Even though the site looks so complicated, there really aren’t that many options. Your only real option is to search for models. Once you pick a sexy webcam model, you can look through her profile or, if the model is online, go into private chat. The profile has some basic information like stats and most of them also have some nice freebies. You might get to see a sexy free video and almost all the girls have sexy non-nude pictures to check out. The rating system and member comments are a nice touch to the profiles but it would be nice if you could search for webcam girls by these ratings. The search options are detailed and include all the basics like age, language, body type, sexual preference and so forth. I really wish there were search options based on camera quality and features like live audio and cam 2 cam. There is no way of knowing if a model has these webcam features until you join her private sex show. By then, you have already forked over some credits and probably won’t be leaving. If you don’t care if your webcam sex show is private, there is a page for discount live sex shows which many members can view at once. It will take a while before members can really navigate through the site. This is annoying because the navigation is making a basic site seem much more complicated than it needs to be!

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Features of Riv cams

Overall, RivCams is a pretty typical webcam sex site as far as features go. Some of the models have features like cam 2 cam and many of them have live audio, which is always a plus. There aren’t any Hi-Def webcams that I noticed but the quality seems okay overall. The feature which makes RivCams really stand out from other live sex sites is the public nude forum. This is a chat room which shows you many different models all at once. You can watch multiple babes trying to lure you into their private sex chat all at the same time. I have never seen this feature at another web cam sex site and it really impressed me. It is so much easier to pick a girl this way without having to do a lot of clicking or relying upon search results. It was also a good way to preview the cam quality before going into private chat. This feature also allows members to socialize with each other but you probably didn’t come to the site in order to talk with other guys.

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Quality of Rivcams cam girls

The quality at Riv Cams really varies depending on the amateur model. However, most of the models seem to have really fast internet connections which means that you won’t experience any skipping while watching a hot live sex show. I didn’t see any hi def webcams but the quality overall was pretty good and not at all grainy. As a general rule, the girls with higher prices tend to have better quality web cams. This is probably because they are the ones who are making a living out of putting on naughty sex shows. That means you are getting a better quality image along with a show which is sure to be incredibly hot. Before paying for a live sex show, I recommend checking out the model in her free non-nude chat first. This is not only a good way to know what you are getting from the model, but also to see how her cam and audio quality are. The model private pictures are usually at least a high quality resolution. The pre recorded videos, however, aren’t any better than the level of the webcam show.

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Credit costs of Rivcam

It is completely free to sign up for Riv Cams. Members can browse through the free webcam chat rooms and look at public photo galleries. You will have to buy credits if you want to see any really dirty amateur content though. One of the things that really confused me was the cost of the credits. The minimum amount you can purchase is 100 credits which will set you back $14. One would expect there to be a discount for bulk purchases. However, it actually becomes more slightly more expensive to buy higher amounts. Only once you purchase 3500 credits are you getting a discount at $408. The cost of a live show varies depending on the girl but ranges from 20 to 50 credits a minute. This translates to $2.8 to $7 a minute. Most of the models have galleries of private nude photos which can be bought for 20 credits. Private naughty videos vary depending on length but are around 30 credits per minute. For bargain seekers, you can check out live sex shows which last around 10 minutes for a fixed price of about 100 credits. These shows are not private though! There are other things on sale too like models’ personal email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and online contacts such as MSN or Yahoo MSG. These will cost around 500 to 1000 credits. You can even buy the models’ lingerie!

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When first entering Riv Cams, it seems like a site with a lot of different features to offer. After browsing around through the complicated navigation, it turns out that Riv Cams is actually a pretty typical live web cam site. Members will appreciate a few things about this site though, the most important being the very sexy amateur models. For any guy with a fantasy about Italian babes, this is definitely the place to go! It is also pretty cool that you can buy personal contact information from the amateurs and extras like their lingerie. The price of Riv Cams is pretty standard and most guys will be able to get off from the hot live sex shows that the hot babes put on. For bargain seekers, the pre-recorded videos, private photos and discount live sex shows are a really nice plus. The public nude forum is what really makes Riv Cams stand out from the other amateur webcam sex sites out there. It is just so cool that you can preview so many girls at once. Even though Riv Cams isn’t much different than most other webcam sites, these few extra features are enough to make me give it my seal of recommendation.