1. What Does It Have To Offer
It’s easy to get hooked by the enticing homepage of MyBoringLife.com It’s filled with photos of luscious babes in delicious poses and videos of hot couples having sex. Now, that’s what you call whetting one’s appetite for great things to come.

Unfortunately, that’s as good as it gets. Upon closer examination, MyBoringLife.com seems to be simply one of those sites that relies on its attractive presentation to lure members. Once you’re in, you will find to your great dismay that most of the live girls on webcam are so plain looking (there’s one woman in her thirties who’s overweight and wears glasses, yucchhh!) that it will make you wonder whether you’re in the right site. Unfortunately, you are. Those are the babes you signed up for, you poor bastard.

To be honest, they do have a handful of girls who are truly luscious and fun to watch. But if you’re into chat, these girls so in-demand that you’ll actually have to vie with other horny slobs like yourself for their attention.

2. Homepage
Their homepage is impressive and hints at so much action going on. At the top of the page are photos of five hot babes who are so alluring that you will instantly want to see more. On the page’s left and right side are over a dozen streaming videos or hot gals showing off their assets or fucking and sucking some dude like there was no tomorrow. And in the middle of the page are supposedly live shots of actual girls on webcam chatting with customers. That’s the dead giveaway of what this site really has to offer because, unlike the rest of the homepage, the chatting girls are mostly Plain Janes

What’s irritating is that the babes on the homepage are so attractive that you are practically compelled to sign up as a paying member, only to be greeted by a long roster of average and even ugly looking women that are so unlike the girls on the homepage that you will feel that you were gypped.

3. Features
MyBoringLife.com has most of the standard features of the regular adult webcam chat sites, such as live and archived videos, triple-X port, e-mail and the like. They also have links such as Webcam Store (if you’re buying a webcam), My Wish List (which leads to Amazon.com, huh?) and Suicide (which has a message to people who are thinking of suicide, double-huh?).

4. Babes
In most live adult webcam sites, the average looking girls far outnumber the truly luscious ones. However, they try to make up for that through other ways. For instance, Cams4Us.com has mostly plain women from the Philippines, but they’re so enthusiastic about they’re work and eager to please. Meanwhile, there’s nothing outstanding about the girls on Club-Voyeur.com either, but the allure of watching someone without their knowing it can be pretty strong. Unfortunately, MyBoringLife.com does not have that type of saving grace.

5. Price
No question, it’s affordable at only $2.08/month and $4.16/month But is it worth it?

6. Rating
MyBoringLife.com gets two out of five stars.

By DrHandcuffs

I'm a connoisseur of the art of the slow striptease, especially if there's a hot chat involved. I'm eager to share my recommendations with my fellow experts in this field. Cheers!