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My Dirty Hobby review

May 26th, 2010 · Comments Off on My Dirty Hobby review


When I first entered MyDirtyHobby, I was overwhelmed. The site was obviously so much more than just webcam sex, amateurs or online dating. There is a huge network of amateurs from around the world who have fun loading their naughty homemade porn videos and having cyber sex in private chat rooms. Members can even make some extra cash by uploading their own sex movies. This is one of those sites where members can really spend a lot of time enjoying all he many amateur babes, guys and couples out there. Membership is completely free though it will set you back some cash to really enjoy all the amateur porn available here. My Dirty Hobby is definitely worth checking out, especially for webcam sex fans who are tired of the same old setup.

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My Dirty Hobby is an erotic contact portal with the motto, “Straight from the Amateur Source!” What exactly is an erotic contact portal? In this case, it is a combination of many different things including a user-posted xxx pictures and videos, webcam sex chat rooms and a dating site. To start with the pics and vids, there is a huge collection of naughty homemade porn to view. Right now, there are almost 170,000 videos which last from a minute to 20 minutes and over 2 million pictures. In the last 24 hours alone, there were over 700 new videos added to the site and almost 5,000 pictures. This is a lot of amateur porn to view and you can always find something new and exciting. Most of these amateurs also perform live webcam shows. The models are mostly solo females but there are lots of males and couples too. As the site promises, they all seem like true amateurs and I didn’t even find any studio models. I should point out that most of the models are German but there are plenty of native English speakers too. With around 1,500 amateurs online at any moment, there is always a nice selection of real amateurs to choose from. On a lesser level, is also a dating service. This is one of the few amateur porn sites that lets you contact other members and you can even search for members in your area.

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When first entering My Dirty Hobby, the site is really confusing and it is hard to know where to begin. Once you spend some time clicking through the site though, the navigation becomes pretty easy and you can get to wherever you want without trouble. The reason why the navigation seems so overwhelming at first is because there is so much here to do. At the left hand side of the screen, there are tons of options including to see who’s online, check out latest videos or photos, see top videos, top amateurs, categories or a slew of other options. I first clicked on the “online” tab. This gave me a page of sexy profile pictures with amateur stats. There were so many different amateurs online and only 6 listed per page so it was a bit too much for browsing. I instead went to the search tab. This was a much better option and let me search for amateurs by various parameters including country, age, appearance details and sexual interest. Most of the amateurs have free preview videos but they aren’t really that sexy and only last about a minute. Keep in mind that, just because an amateur is online, that doesn’t mean she gives a webcam show! For live sex shows, there is a separate area to check out with its own detailed search options. For members interested in pictures of videos, the category section is a good place to start. Members can search by pics or vids in categories like Asian, ebony, bondage, creampie, vanilla sex, outdoor, double penetration, and much more. For those who can’t decide, the top videos and top pictures areas are a good place to start. Even though I eventually figured out my way around the site, MyDirtyHobby could still use some navigation adjustments. It would especially help if the site was less cluttered and the options labeled better.

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As far as features go, most of the webcam amateurs seem to have live audio and also cam 2 cam. Unfortunately, not all of the models offer a free webcam show so you won’t really know what you are getting until you have paid to enter the chat. I was surprised that the free show actually did get dirty and had some nudity. However, free chat only lasts about a minute which is barely enough time to ask the model what she/they are willing to do in private. You can write a message though in order to ask the model whatever dirty question you have in mind. There are a few free pictures in the profile and most models also have a free video too. These are just teasers though and meant to get you into private chat. Once members put money onto your account, there are some cool free features that they can access. They can send unlimited messages to other members including photo messages, upload photos and personalize their profiles, see who has visited their profiles, get a personal guestbook, and can post in other members’ guestbooks. These features are great for those into the dating aspect of the site.Before going into live sex chat with an amateur, I really recommend checking out the guestbook comments. This is one of the ways to find out how satisfied members were with the live show. If you are interested in becoming an “amateur” rather than just a “user,” you can easily start uploading your own dirty pictures and videos. This is a great way to make some extra cash and also connect with other horny users online.

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Like with most amateur porn and webcam sites, the quality really varies. I was impressed with the quality of most of the videos and pictures but this isn’t really surprising. After all, a good digital camera is pretty cheap today. The webcam quality really varied depending on the model. The good thing is that most of these amateurs seem to have a fast internet connection which means that the show is played smoothly without any skipping around. The most popular amateur models tend to have better quality cams but they are also more expensive.

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Membership to My Dirty Hobby is completely free. All you need to do is type in your email address and make a screen name and password. You can browse through all the amateurs without spending a cent and even look at their naughty profile pictures and preview videos. If you want to actually enjoy any of the content here though, you are going to have to pay for it. Credits can be purchased in the form of “Dirty Cents.” The minimum amount is 1,500 dirty cents which costs 15 Euros. There is no discount for bulk purchases of so 2,500 Dirty Cents costs 25 Euros and so on. Pictures are the cheapest thing to view on at My Dirty Hobby and galleries cost around 90 cents. Videos really vary in price but are usually around 100 cents per minute. If you want to talk to an amateur via webcam chat, it is really going to cost you. The prices vary but expect to pay around 300 cents a minute, which is actually pretty typical of any webcam sex site. The annoying thing is that you don’t know how much a show is going to cost you until you go to enter the chat room. By that point, you are probably so eager to chat dirty with the amateur that you won’t care about the price.

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My Dirty Hobby is one of the most interesting and fun amateur sites that I’ve seen in a long time. Other sites just give you one aspect of amateur sex but this site manages to give it all to you in a nice package. There are so many different types of models to enjoy and always lots of them online to chat with. Instead of just going right into cyber sex, you can really get to know an amateur first through the naughty pictures and videos. Then, you can even send messages without having to pay a single cent. The dating aspect of this site still needs some work but it seems possible to find other members looking for one night stands or hot flings. Even though My Dirty Hobby is really oriented towards European users, the international factor is great and members will have fun getting dirty with amateurs all over the world. For anyone looking for more than just webcam sex and willing to pay for it, I really recommend checking out My Dirty Hobby.

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Shemale Cam

March 12th, 2010 · Comments Off on Shemale Cam

It is sorta confusing when you look at shemales. I mean they are a she, big tits, great figure, sexy wiggle. yet they got a cock as well, I mean it is a guy. Right? Only I’m hetro and I’ve got a hardon looking at her/him/it.

Oh man it’s like having your brain twisted out. But if you like brain twisters then shemales are a very interesting way to twist them. now in regular pictures it is all in the pose sometimes, like how female or how male they look.

But when you have them in live cam chat then that’s different, it is really more like how they actually are and you find some of them really are girls mentally. You just talk to them, it’s like talking to a girl. not talking to a gay guy either, that is different, but it is like having a chat with a girlfriend.

Well if you get a good shemale camgirl anyway that’s what it is supposed to be like. Trouble is there are not that many of them out there. flirt4free probably has the best range and that is where I go when I want my fix of shemale cam action, trouble is it is expensive. Value for money sure, but money don’t grow on trees these days.

So ifriends or even camcontacts sometimes has some good stuff in the gender bender section, you have to take your time to find it.

Good hunting!

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Getting Live with

February 3rd, 2010 · Comments Off on Getting Live with

It’s after midnight on a Friday and I’m just getting home from work! I was a bit naughty tonight, I brought my laptop to the lab because I knew I would be working long hours tonight and there would be a lot of waiting around for things to get done. I signed online just to check my email and I noticed in my inbox I had my registration activation for a site called ImLive. Nobody in their right mind should be in the office after 6pm on a Friday, and there I was, 10:55pm, the loneliest girl in the world, stuck at work AGAIN! I decided to take a look. That couldn’t hurt right?

I started clicking. I just wanted to take 5 minutes and look around before I had to get back to work…but I had no idea what I was in for! The site was kind of hard to navigate at first so I HAD to spend more than five minutes getting myself used to it. I started clicking around, browsing through the live video chat girls, clicking on the free snapshots, looking through the live action web cam options, then I immediately check out who I could find in the threesome room, then back to the girls alone to see what my options would be when I actually had the time to watch.

Before I knew it I’m clicking through snapshots of every girl in fishnets (I can’t resist a girl in fishnets!) I went to the girl on girl section to see who was there, and to be quite honest, to pretend I was one of those girls. That just made me jealous and angry, and what’s better when you are angry then browsing through the fetish section. I mean, like I said, I’m just your average bisexual girl who has a little thing for web cam action, I’m not into fetish all the time, but when I feel like this it’s satisfying to see whips and leather!

There is really something for everyone in this site, whether you are into shy, quiet girls, young, pretty Asians, kinky fetish types, this site has it all.  They have free text chat and inexpensive video chat options…. which of course I have to take advantage of because I saw a pin-up type who looked just like my ex from home. I looked at my watch and looked at the screen, then looked at my watch and at the screen again. Just a few more minutes, that’s not a problem right? I got up the nerve to say hello to my girl of the night. We talked for a bit and it was almost like a “real” conversation…I mean, I’m not new to this, I know that these girls want me to “pay to play,” but I felt like there was no pressure. I felt like I could go over and watch if I wanted to…or not…but yeah right, I was already super turned on and ready to go, so I had to see more!

I watched for a bit, I got way too into it and then it was approaching midnight, my work was in shambles, my face was turning red and I realized that no matter how great ImLive is I should not be doing this at work…. however, my pretty little pin-up girl has her schedule posted, so I know where and when to meet her next!

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Live Amateur Teens @

March 10th, 2009 · Comments Off on Live Amateur Teens @

Has a great ring to it doesn’t it? ChicksWithSmallTits dot com, I think it’s great that people appreciate there is value in all sizes of tits not just those big bloated silicone filled ones that are now so popular.

Live amateur teens are to be found on every cam site out there really, but finding the ones with the tinny itty bitty bite sized tits is much harder work. Not a lot of sites let you really search by things like that.

Find me all the Asian 18 year old bi shaved girls, sure that’s an easy search. But small tits? No, that isn’t often mentioned.

Ifriends is one of the few where you can specifically ask for that — under “Bust size” you can choose “Small” and get to this search:
Small Busts” BUT there is a serious problem here — a lot of the girls on that list have huge tits!

Why doesn’t the site correct things like that? It makes the whole searching rather pointless.

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Sinnamon Love Offering Two Free Webcam Shows Weekly

February 24th, 2009 · Comments Off on Sinnamon Love Offering Two Free Webcam Shows Weekly

Just go this press release in my inbox:

CYBERSPACE — Adult star Sinnamon Love will be offering two free webcam shows weekly for members of and
The shows are one hour and can be seen Wednesdays at 1 p.m. and Fridays at 10 p.m.

“I am so happy to finally be able to start offering weekly cam shows for my fans and members again,” Love said. “I love working with and am so pleased with the new plugin that we have installed on the site to make gaining access my cam shows that much easier. If there is any talent out there interested in joining me on cam, definitely email me.”

Love will takes requests during cam shows for acts such as smoking, foot fetish and ass play. The Wednesday shows will feature other adult stars that will join Love.

Sounds good to me! Any free show is a good show as far as I’m concerned!

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Breaking news over at Spread4u!

February 23rd, 2009 · Comments Off on Breaking news over at Spread4u!

Ok well I wrote last year about my experience with Spread4u, which was but not great. Since then I’ve noticed they keep updating and trying to improve which is great and all.

Big news today though, see this email I just got:
Dear Spread4U Member,

We are pleased to announce that effective Wednesday, February 25, 2009, Spread4U will be owned and operated by Streamray, the operators of and many other of the world’s leading adult webcam sites. This will result in way more models on Spread4U, and a huge increase in the quality of our webcams and models.

We are currently working on the integration process, after which:
1) You will still be able to visit and see all your favorite models, plus many many more.
2) Your purchase balance will not change. Anything you bought is still yours to keep.
3) Your user name might change slightly. You will be informed in another email later this week.
4) If you have a VIP membership, the recurring payment will be cancelled.

The current management of Spread4U would like to thank you for your continued support over the years. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at

Spread4U Support

So what does that all mean? Well to me it means the end of the line for spread4u, basically they are selling out to (read gilos review or diggers review of for more on them).

I guess it what happens in this new economy, those who are not the really big companies in any one area are going to be weak and going to get bought up, volunterairly or otherwise, but the big fish. But then some of those big fish are going to not be able to digest what they have eaten as well so you can expect a lot of changes in the live webcam chat industry as you can in any in 2009.

What does this mean to us the viewers — or for that matter the girls who have been online at spread4u for all these years? Well of course they say basically no change, but then they always say that don’t they. I’m fingers crossed that my favorite girls are still going to be online when they transition over to the new site, and more importantly that the cost per minute for live private chat is going to be the same!

And of course I hope the girls continue to get the same or a better deal, I mean they work hard for the money and they deserve a fair share and all.

Lets see what happens and I’ll keep you updated if I find out more!

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