My injured knee had me propped up with my laptop for another night, meaning another search for electronic entertainment. This time I found my way to CamContacts. This site had a lot to offer right off the bat.

Although this site has been around a long time, I have to admit to being a first-timer here. This site offers non-adult cams, but of course I quickly skipped over those. I was a little intrigued by the “Girls Home Alone- A Little Shy” category. There were a lot of different adult categories such as; Girls Home Alone-Not So Shy, Girl/Girl Hardcore, Groups (3 or more), and even Dungeon. I checked out all of the thumbnail pictures and decided to try the free text chat with a few girls.

Text chat is truly free and does not require a registration. The girls I chatted with were all very personable although they did their best to entice me into paid video chat. Camila20 and MistericGirl were both very good text conversationalists. After text chatting I realized I couldn’t skip the video chat. I did check out a few of the free pic archives. There were some good hot pictures for free, but there were also a fair share that required an account.

The next step was to register. In order to register and continue on to video chat you have to enter your contact information and a credit card. The site promises not to charge your credit card unless you use premium services. The best part is they give you a $5 credit to preview the girls first. This can actually go a long way when some of the girls are as low as $0.50 per minute for open video chat and $0.60 per minute for private chat. There are tons of girls under $2 per minute. The higher cost models do not seem to put on any better show than the lower cost ones. There may be a little difference in overall quality of models at the various price levels, but I enjoyed the ladies around the $1 per minute level very much. There was a very good selection of different nationalities, ages, and body types to choose from.

The video quality, although probably pretty good by industry standards, was a slight let down after the HD quality video at Sexyteaser and LiveCamNetwork. The video is considered streaming, although it is a bit choppy. The video was clear. The overall quality was nice and as I settled into the site I got more used to it. Of course, when dealing with naked models the finer intricacies of video quality often get forgotten.

Another drawback, for me anyway, was the fact that they kept an open account with your credit card. You can enter premium chat and keep chatting while the charges accrue on your card. It is easy to lose track of time when chatting with a beautiful woman, especially if she is willing to follow your commands, and before you know it your plan for a $10 chat turned into a $30 chat. Some people like this option because they can just jump in on a quick chat and only spend $5, similar to sites like Amsterdam Live where prepaid options start at just $4.95.

Overall, I would have to give it a 3 out of 5 stars with its many quality models you can overlook the video quality and the open credit card thing is a matter of self control.