Camcontacts it’s not, but Live Model Network isn’t bad for what you get. First of all, allow me to extol its virtues. I counted over 100 models, and was gratified to discover a wide range of girls of all sizes, ethnicities, and skin colors. One thing that’s obvious is that Live Model Network has made some effort, at least, to diversity its model list: they’re not all just pouty white girls from Eastern Europe, or sultry chicas from Latin America. Not that there’s anything wrong with either, of course, and they do have plenty of those. I also like the fact that I could get my chat on with cute girls of voluptuous proportions if I so desired. I know that I’ve proclaimed my love of small breasts elsewhere on this venue, but a steady diet of rail-thin kitties can get old. Sometimes you need to throw a BBW into the mix to add a little spice. That’s my story, anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

What really surprised me was the fact that a lot of the girls hail from the good old U.S.A. or Canada. Yay! American girls! It’s nice to hear girls who speak English as their first language — and I do mean “hear.” For a lot of these cuties, chat really does mean chat: all the models I tried had audio enabled, and several answered their visitor chat verbally. Not a bad idea, actually — keeps those typing fingers available for, ahem, other activities.

It doesn’t cost anything to enter a chat room and watch the show, and even to participate in the chat. Of course, if you want to see anything, you have to pay. Oh, and here’s a sweet little feature: just below the model’s image is a button where you can give her a $1 tip. I like the idea, though I do have some misgivings. I was once a horny college student, and later on I lived in New Orleans, whose French Quarter titty bars are legend. I know how easy it is to spend all your hard-earned dough on those buck-at-a-time tips. And hey, at least in a titty bar, you can cop a feel.

Sadly, this review cannot be all sweetness and light. There were a few things I thought needed work, most glaringly the number of models available at any one time. I never saw more than half a dozen, though that may be partially because of my own schedule. My second gripe is that they seem to have a lot of technical problems, at least with connection. Every time I’ve gone to this site, I’ve had problems with the site crashing. Sometimes it does it when I want to change cams; sometimes it does it for no reason at all. Maybe it just doesn’t like my browser or something. Even Bill Gates can’t use Windows without crashing it sometimes, so who knows? It might have to do something with the site’s recent “retooling,” which began November 16 and continued through the following weekend.

As far as video-quality is concerned, I enjoyed high-speed, good-quality video with all the models I tried (more than a half-dozen, all told). It wasn’t always perfect; there were a few cases in which the video froze up for a minute or two. Otherwise, it worked fine. The sound was good, too, although I prefer not to use audio myself. What I really want is the sweet, sweet nudity, and can the chatter!

Speaking of nudity, you get two options: group chat at $3.99 per minute and private chat at $4.99 per minute, which seems a bit high but not outrageous. You have to purchase time through the CCBill billing company; however, I’ve worked with them before on other things, and I’ve never had any problems. You can charge your account in increments of $20, $40, $60, $80, and $99.95, and if you pick the latter, you get an additional $10 free.

Taking everything into consideration, here’s my general impression of Live Model Network: not bad, not bad at all. I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5 stars; why don’t you click on the stars below to tell me what you think?


By Digger

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