Update: Sadly 247live is dead dead dead. Try instead one of the sites which has survived like camcontacts, imlive, ifriends, flirt4free or privatefeeds.

I decided to check out 247Live. The index page asks for a nickname and your email address then connects you to a random girl for a free chat, so you can be on the site and chatting in under a minute.

You don´t have to wait for a confirmation email or give any other details. I chatted with a girl called Gabriela. She was dressed alluringly in a pink thong, a pair of pink earrings and nothing else! She was smiling, friendly and greeted people by name when they came into the room. The webcam quality was good and at first glance I was impressed by this site. In the chat room text there is a “keeper” who pops up every 30 seconds or so to offer you bonus credits and give you an email address if you have any queries. Gabriela´s text comes up in pink (no surprise there) and the 9 other people in the room seem to be having fun.

At the top of the screen you have buttons “buy time now”, “schedules” and “models gallery” so I decided to check out the prices. The forms of accepted payment are by credit card, ccbill, epassporte, phone, cheque, moneygram or mail so you don´t have any excuses, assuming you have a phone or a house! They promise to bill discreetly under an acronym. You can pay between $29.99 and $99.99 for credits. A credit works out as $1 and you receive additional free credits (between 5 and 40 depending how much you are spending).

There is a “live help” option which worked fine when I tested it. Always a handy option to have.

There were 3 girls online when I was, offering free chat – Gabriela, Brooke and Destiny. There are 72 girls listed in the schedule (which is in Eastern Standard Time) and most are Eastern European in looks. Destiny was naked, lying on her front like Gabriela. She had the longest false eyelashes I´ve ever seen. Electric blue. When I went back to the main screen, Brooke had vanished and Chasey had come on – she was lying on a pink satin sheet and wearing a lacy pink nightdress. She didn´t say much or respond to my “hello” but the keeper came back on to remind me that members can private message each other. Um, I´m not here to talk to those guys! Chasey put her leg up in an intriguing angle and I could make out a pair of black boots – interesting with the nightdress. I might look like that escaping a house fire. Someone asked her price and she said $6 a minute which is higher than say, Camcontacts, but maybe her show is very very good. The guy asked her how much that was in pesos and she didn´t know (probably sounds quite a lot!) She didn´t seem to have the personality of Gabriela so I went back to see Blue Eyelashes who now had 24 users in the free chat room all typing at once! She kept up quite well and seemed friendly. Lying on her front, it was a bit harder to tell but she looked like she had a great body.

All the models have good quality webcams and the feed streams well. It has the feel of a good quality site. The models have a bio page each – age, gender (in most cases it’s fairly obvious), sexual preference, eyes, hair, height and weight and some nude photos with hands in strategic places! They also state their likes, dislikes and other info. Destiny’s first language is obviously not English judging by some of her information. Example “i’m open mind so do be shy in my arms!” (sic). Er, OK.

You have the choice of private chat or peep chat which is presumably a dollar or so cheaper although I couldn’t find any information apart from the $1 per credit for private chatting.

Gabriela’s bio photo shots are all in black underwear and shoes (so she does have non-pink clothing too) with poses similar to Destiny’s. There are no video feeds on this site. She claims to be 18 (hmm… if you say so). At least Destiny is truthful admitting to 27 (she looks younger though).

Chatting with Destiny, the keeper whispers to me “pay by check and we’ll give you a discount” – there seem to be all kinds of discounts and free credit offers on this site which is a bonus. It’s always nice to be looked after if you spend a lot of money somewhere. I asked Destiny where she was from and she said Lithuania. I didn’t admit my ignorance of geography. I know vaguely which continent it’s in (OK, change the subject). Some Lithuanian guy comes on and the two of them have a chat in Lithuanian about… well, no idea what about.

I found this site to be a lot more user friendly than some others. The girls in general were pretty and friendly. The rates seemed a little on the high side going by Destiny’s claim but the girls kept disappearing into private shows so they certainly seem to be busy. The video quality is very good and I had no problems here (apart from not being able to find out the prices before buying credits!) I did ask Gabriela how much she charged a minute and she got to her feet. I was anticipating something exciting (to justify the possible $6) but she put a sign on her bed saying “model on break” and ran off. Then the sign fell off and she came back in a pink cardigan and replaced it. Oh well, the mystery remains.

I would say that this is one of the better cam sites I have found recently. If the shows are worth the money, all in all a recommended site.

I rate this site 4 out of 5, let me know how you rate it by clicking the stars below.

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By victel