Imagine my surprise when I did a quick search of this site and realized that DirectSex hadn’t been reviewed in depth; the only thing I found on it was a short blurb that was done over a year ago. “Well,” I thought, “I can fix that!”

DirectSex is one of my favorite camgirl sites, and I can safely say that it’s never disappointed me — I can usually find more good stuff, even free, than I can handle. They offer more than 280 models in 25 categories, ranging from Hometown Girls through Barely Legal and Exchange Students to Teen Strippers. Despite all the times I’ve visited (and that would be…let’s see…a lot), I’ve never failed to find at least 20 girls on duty, so they’ve always got plenty of girlflesh for the connoisseur to consider. There’s no guarantee you’ll find exposed breasts or delicate hands engaged in what I like to call “the three-finger slide,” but it’s very likely you will.

Take today, for example. In the span of five minutes I discovered two beauties giving their all for the camera. Cala, a lovely blonde, was masturbating herself for all she was worth in extreme closeup. That made for some interesting viewing. As I write this, she’s pleasuring herself with a gold dildo. My only complaint? That she doesn’t zoom out enough — she has a really hot body with gorgeous breasts, and a cute face. Where she’s from is anybody’s guess, but since she’s Caucasian and gives her breast size as “70C” (they’re generous but not tremendous), I’d have to guess Central Europe — not unusual for the adult cam industry, sure, but she’s a real find.

Then there’s Maylee, the Asian girl presenting her goodies doggie-style. Very sweet — she’s also a looker with relatively small breasts, which I find very sexy. Where the heck do they find all these fashion-model quality girls? In addition to the Caucasoid and Asian camcuties, they also have numerous representatives of other exotic ethnicities as well, from the palest vanilla to the darkest chocolate. For example, they have several categories just for Latinas. I regret to say that my favorite latina, the saucy Maritza, seems to have moved on. If you’ve every seen her, you’ll remember her: she looks like a dark-haired, slimmer latin version of Jessica Simpson, and she was always seemed willing to do whatever you asked, with or without toys.

My point is, there may have been a time when the girls at DirectSex were unwilling to disrobe or perform explicitly for the viewer, as the previous reviewer points out, but my experience is that that’s no longer the case. In fact, they’ve seem to have gotten a memo or something lately, demanding that they make greater efforts to show off their charms. Whatever happened, I appreciate their willingness to do so.

Now that I’ve sung the site’s praises, you’ll no doubt want to know how it all works. The interface is pretty simple and straightforward. If you’re a member, you enter your login name and password and you’re in. Ah, but you can’t become a member without buying chat time, which costs $24.95 for 20 minutes ($65.95 for 60 minutes, 100 minutes for $89.95, and $159.95 for 200 minutes). The price isn’t too bad for what you get — and obviously, the more minutes you buy, the cheaper it gets. If you want to go that route, the sign-up is simple enough: you provide your credit card info, screen name, and password, and you’re in. There’s no “going private” per se, but that’s the only way you can talk to the girls at all.

If you’re a cheap bastard like me, however, you can do a bit of free looking. Just click the Homepage link, and you’ll be sent to the page where all the links for the available models are included. You’ll get the standard thumbnail to click on, and when you do, you’ll be sent to a special Feeds page. You’re presented with a low speed video feed, which is a little jerky but (at least on my computer) crystal clear. You also have the option of selecting a high speed feed; it’s a bit blurry, though there’s no jerkiness issue. Jerk or no jerk? I guess you get to ask yourself that question more than once while you’re looking around the site!

Whichever you choose, you can look for a while, but eventually the site will either minimize the video to the size of a postage stamp or cut it off altogether, and ask you to join as a member (i.e., to pay if you want to look anymore). This happens much more quickly on the high speed feed than it does on the low speed version. Sometimes you can watch for a quite a while before the feed is interrupted, which is great if one of the girls is putting on a show. As far as I can tell, there are no restrictions as to who can watch, so you get a little benefit when a paying member asks for something special. Of course, this is hit-and-miss, so if you’ve got a girl you’d really love to see get naked, it’s better to pay a few bucks and become a member.

Aside from all this good stuff, DirectSex also includes a couple of other interesting features that are especially helpful to newbies. One is the Intro link, which tells you how the site works and how to access the feeds (here’s an easier way: Then there’s the Live Help link, which lets you connect to a real live help person in real time. Now that’s something I haven’t seen often in the past. Imagine — real live help on a live camgirl site. What a concept!

By Digger

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