I liked the name of this site – PeekShows – and couldn’t resist having a little look. I was asked for a nickname and could start free chat immediately (preferable to these sites which ask you for a credit card number “for verification purposes only” – hmm, that makes me nervous).

I clicked on the first girl, a young lady named Fleur who was posing provocatively in a leopard print long sleeved catsuit! Meow! It was actually kind of sexy seeing something a little different, a model dressed from neck to ankle and with long sleeves (or maybe her central heating’s been cut off). Her favourite sex toy according to her bio is “black” (er, black what?) and she was very friendly and flirty. She had a gorgeous face, very Spanish. If you like Hispanic girls, you’ll love her. There seemed to be quite a few people in her free chat room and video quality was excellent, fluid movement and a very clear image. You have a high or low speed option depending on your own computer but I think after experiencing high speed (12 girls online had high speed) you would be extremely unlikely to choose the low speed option. I mean, why? The 12 in high speed were hot!

To choose a model, you can search alphabetically by name, by connection speed or just get them all up on the screen and take your pick. There are 4 sites which are linked into this one: Peekshows, Euroticalive, Naughtygirlslive and Adultwebcamworld (there was no one online in the last 2). You can also view the 10 newest models, only models with blogs etc – out of curiosity I had a peek at a sample blog from Trinitty which read “tralallalallala…uofffff…tralallalalalal” in its entirety. Good thing we’re not here for literary discussion or maybe that’s a profound remark in some Eastern European language. Some of the other blogs were better (well, they couldn’t be much worse) – mainly a sexy paragraph or two is what you´ll find. The blog idea is cool – not all web cam sites use that. Another difference with this site is that the girls have wish lists!! You can view 10 or so gifts that these girls have their eyes on and buy them for them! Mainly underwear and jewellery. I wonder how many guys buy these things. PussyKat’s ideal gift reads “buy me a new computer and my high speed will be faster than ever.” I am really going to fall for that (not). Mind you, she does have a 34F chest!

A Chatbot flashes up periodically to remind you not to miss Happy Hour from 5am until 9am PST (I make that 4 hours!) and 5pm until 9pm PST (OK, 8 hours of happiness… now we’re talking!) which means when you visit during these times you get discount tokens. For a nude show you need to buy tokens – a 1 girl show is 5 tokens a minute, a 2 girl show is 10 tokens a minute. A semi-private show will set you back 3 tokens per minute and a voyeur show costs 1 token a minute. Basic token price is $1.19 a token but the more you buy, the more discount you get. For example 200 tokens will cost $222 saving you about 8 cents per token. I suppose worked out over a period of time this could be a worthwhile saving! This seems a fair price too. If you´re hard up, a voyeur show is a little over a dollar a minute which is great value.

I visited another model, Flame, a blonde for contrast to the tigerprinted Fleur (not a real blonde unless she dyes her roots black but cute nonetheless!) She appeared to be singing along to something, she had her face close to the webcam, lying on her front in a white chiffon blouse and nothing else. She chatted freely, blew kisses and had that supreme self-confidence which is so sexy. I was getting into the chat when the purple “register now” screen flashed up (grrr) like it does every two minutes or so. OK, fair enough, the free chat is a perk, the site wants you to register with credit card details or equivalent. I had a look at Yasmine next. Her favourite toy is her teddy bear so I wasn’t expecting much (either that or something really kinky!) but she immediately took her tit out and played with it alluringly until that damned purple screen interrupted! I was impressed again by the streaming quality – it was nigh on perfect. One of the best sites I’ve ever seen for this kind of quality. Normally you get some stilting or imperfection but this was like being in the same room as the model.

One of the best girls on there is Courtney. She looks about 12 in her make up free unflattering bio shot but in the flesh she is hot hot hot! Non-stop gyrating in free chat and a body to die for. Possible an ex-secretary too judging by her typing speed. If I had some tokens I would go for her. Most girls have some degree of boredom about them which they try in vain to hide but not this one; she acts like it’s her first day and this is in free chat. According to her bio (when I could tear my eyes from her gyrating) she’s had sex in a castle and her favourite pastime is “evening” (?) Courtney disappeared off into private chat so I tried Taly and Elisha. One chat room – two girls! I soon forgot about Courtney as Taly rubbed herself over Elisha (or was it the other way around, do I care) in their room and fondled each other! Oh my god, I might just buy those tokens after all. Either that or a cold shower. The purple screen came up again then I was taken back to Courtney – now naked and thrusting a pink shiny dildo in and out of herself! Hello? Is this still free chat or have I managed to sneak into a voyeur show! Then she lies on her front (still naked) and starts grinding against a cushion. Not bad for free chat. Wonder what she does in private – I am very tempted to find out for myself! No wonder she quit the secretarial work.

I was blown away by the webcam quality and wide variety of delicious girls on this site. One of the very best sites I have seen lately, for sure.

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By victel