1. What does it have to offer?
Cams4Us contains mostly brown Asian sugar from the Philippines, plus a few luscious Euros and Westerners thrown in. But the main allure of this site is its Filipina women. They’re young, brimming with enthusiasm and eager to please. And whether or not you like this site depends on whether or not you like brown sugar.

2. Homepage
The homepage features rows upon rows of girls and couples, about 20 video cams on display. You quickly realize that there are up to six pages on this site and you start to think – whoa, that’s a lot of girls!

The girls come in all shapes and sizes, mostly young, with the eldest probably being around 26. About three-quarters or so of them are Filipinas or Asian while the rest are Caucasian girls in their early 20s. The couples always consist of two girls.

3. Features
This is your standard adult webcam site where guys pay by the minute to talk and play with the girls of their choice. Now, how far “talk and play” goes tends to vary from person to person and from girl to girl, But that’s part of the thrill of the adult webcam experience — finding someone hot and into you enough that she grants your every wish on camera.

4. Babes
As far as babes are concerned, this place has only two kinds — the Haves and Have Nots in the looks department.

I spent over two hours on this site, seeing what it had to offer. Most of the girls are from the Philippines and have that strong native girl appeal, although some surely have mouths and bodies that can stand out anywhere in the world. The girls are enthusiastic about everything they do, whether it’s spreading for the camera or putting that dildo in their mouths or between their breasts. Most of them seem to be thoroughly enjoying the experience. That’s the saving grace of this site.

Out of all those girls I viewed in a span of two hours, I met only two or three girls who really made my temperature rise and my boots click — and that ain’t bad.

Most of the women are typical looking, while others look like they were walloped by the ugly broom, with buck teeth, extra long chins, big tummies, sagging breasts and all. Some like they spend their spare time dancing topless at some sleazy joint, drinking all night and grinding out a living. But once in a while, you’ll come across someone really young and picture-perfect.

Someone, say, like Jazzy123, a brunette with striking Russian features — prominent nose, searing eyes, pouty mouth. Oooh such an angel. Thing is, all she does is pose and make faces at the camera — she never types or talks — that you get the sense that you’re watching some video and not a live girl. Of course, if you pay the fee for a private chat, things could be different. I tried but, unfortunately, Jazzy123 was not available at the moment.

5. Price
It costs about $1.99 per minute if you pay be credit card. Payment via the phone tends to vary depending on the country you’re calling from and the phone charges there.

6. Rating
Cams4Us gets three out of five stars.

By DrHandcuffs

I'm a connoisseur of the art of the slow striptease, especially if there's a hot chat involved. I'm eager to share my recommendations with my fellow experts in this field. Cheers!