Ok well I wrote last year about my experience with Spread4u, which was but not great. Since then I’ve noticed they keep updating and trying to improve which is great and all.

Big news today though, see this email I just got:
Dear Spread4U Member,

We are pleased to announce that effective Wednesday, February 25, 2009, Spread4U will be owned and operated by Streamray, the operators of Cams.com and many other of the world’s leading adult webcam sites. This will result in way more models on Spread4U, and a huge increase in the quality of our webcams and models.

We are currently working on the integration process, after which:
1) You will still be able to visit Spread4U.com and see all your favorite models, plus many many more.
2) Your purchase balance will not change. Anything you bought is still yours to keep.
3) Your user name might change slightly. You will be informed in another email later this week.
4) If you have a VIP membership, the recurring payment will be cancelled.

The current management of Spread4U would like to thank you for your continued support over the years. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Spread4U Support

So what does that all mean? Well to me it means the end of the line for spread4u, basically they are selling out to cams.com (read gilos review or diggers review of cams.com for more on them).

I guess it what happens in this new economy, those who are not the really big companies in any one area are going to be weak and going to get bought up, volunterairly or otherwise, but the big fish. But then some of those big fish are going to not be able to digest what they have eaten as well so you can expect a lot of changes in the live webcam chat industry as you can in any in 2009.

What does this mean to us the viewers — or for that matter the girls who have been online at spread4u for all these years? Well of course they say basically no change, but then they always say that don’t they. I’m fingers crossed that my favorite girls are still going to be online when they transition over to the new site, and more importantly that the cost per minute for live private chat is going to be the same!

And of course I hope the girls continue to get the same or a better deal, I mean they work hard for the money and they deserve a fair share and all.

Lets see what happens and I’ll keep you updated if I find out more!