Have you heard of Ana Voog, yet? She claims to be the first person to use a webcam as art, and she says she is the 2nd person to put a webcam in her home, 24/7.

She’s not necessarily a porn chick as she doesn’t put on actual “shows” or take live requests in chat like some of the others do, but she has no issues with people seeing her naked.

If you take the time to read through her bio you’ll notice her creative, unique spirit because it comes out in her writing.

There are photographs in the archives that you can get to without paying anything or signing up for anything- and here is where I start to wonder about her… creative spirit. Like- is it creative really, or is she just really, really messed up?! She has mannequins, and other “objects” that you’ll find in odd places of her body, which she purposely places for the creation of her photography/art. In one photo, there is a smiling faced mannequin or doll head between her legs, popping out as if to say “Hey- here I am, aren’t I lucky?” That’s just.. weird, is it not? I find it hard to see the art in that- but maybe it’s just me. Then there is the other between the legs shot- showing a strategically placed matchbox car, slightly lodged and sort of.. dangling. Is that artistic? I guess we can say it’s creative, because who would actually THINK to do that for a photograph?!

The site is worth visiting though- it really makes you wonder about things. Like she says in her bio, she’s learned by doing this webcam site that it’s more about the viewers than it is herself- because it makes the people stopping in to see her webcam and photos wonder about their own lives, beliefs and morals.

Or maybe it just makes you wonder what constitutes art and what does not!

By Admin