I took a day off today…well, not on purpose, I stayed awake in bed all night long last night just trying to fall asleep and when the alarm went off I was tired for the first time in 32 hours. So, I walked to the living room, picked up the phone, and called my supervisor to let him know that I wasn’t going to be in today. He didn’t seem to mind that I wasn’t coming in. I crawled back into my bed, put the covers over my face and closed my eyes for a minute when I realized “Hey! I have a day off!” I wasn’t going to waste my day sleeping, but I wasn’t going to jump up and face the world just yet!

I rolled over and grabbed my laptop. I checked my e-mail, read a few articles, played a game of solitaire and then I thought, “who am I kidding?” I was just delaying the inevitable, a mid-morning trip to my favorite webcam site AmsterdamLive. I’ve been going there for a while now because I know what I’m getting when I go there. All the girls are gorgeous and even though the site was a little confusing to start, once I got the hang of it, it became extremely user friendly, and now it has a permanent home in my bookmarks.

It’s a real voyeur experience; the premise is all of these girls living in a house that you can essentially “spy on” whenever you want. You can join for free and have access to some pretty sexy webcam chats without paying a dime. You can look through a lot of different girls and different rooms without a credit card. There are private chats and more nudity involved if you pay to view, but prices aren’t so bad, most are less than $3 a minute.

So I went to AmsterdamLive looking to see if some of my favorite girls were one. Helene, Adalie, BigLolly- they are three of my favorites and none of them were available. I normally frequent this site in the middle of the night so it wasn’t a huge surprise when my webcam ladies weren’t available at 9 in the morning, still I felt like AmsterdamLive had disappointed me.

I heard about a site called streamate that was supposedly like AmsterdamLive…but I’m here to tell you it is not! It is like the poor man’s AmsterdamLiveXXX! The girls, some are very pretty, most are not. They give you a free sample, but it lasts about 2 minutes and remembers your ip address so you can’t trick it to get extra time. I am always willing to spend a few bucks if I see a girl I like, unfortunately the time they give you with the girl of your choice is not enough time to really see if she looks good or not! Unlike other sites that let you chat or see pics of the girls you want to see, Streamate just hopes you’ll pay after 20 seconds and a quarter inch picture of a girl who might not even be a girl at all.

Point being- I was thoroughly disappointed. I went back to AmsterdamLive as fast as my little fingers could type, because even if my favorite girls weren’t there, I was sure to find someone!