Well, an injury had me sidelined for Friday night, which meant time at home (yeah, pretty pathetic), and time on my hands. Since I couldn’t walk I decided to let my fingers do the walking. And, walk they did, all the way to Amsterdam. My idle hands led me to Amsterdam Live. (Also know as Amsterdam LiveXXX.) My walking fingers did not disappoint.

Amsterdam Live can be a little confusing at first. As soon as you realize that there are really two main parts, the Sincity Voyeur House and the Live Nude Chats, it becomes a little easier to navigate. I’ll start with the Sincity Voyeur House. As a free member you can view the reception desk. This is usually staffed by one of the models living at the house. Yolandah was at the desk when I popped in. She was not my cup of tea (she had short, spiky hair, a little heavy, and a bit older.) This did not stop me from checking out the features. Without signing up, you can check out different camera angles at the reception desk; such as legs, face, wide angle, under seat (glass seat), and others. If you are willing to give your e-mail you can get views of some of the other rooms (including bathrooms and bedrooms.)

This particular website also offers an i 2 i feature that lets you go on cam so you can let the models see you. Other people in the room can also see you cam as well. The video quality, in both the voyeur house and individual cams, was good. It was streaming but not quite as clear, or smooth, as livecamnetwork or sexyteaser. It was better in the paid sections. The site checks your connection speed and sets its delivery rate to match this speed. I was on my laptop with my wireless connection, so this may have affected it slightly.

The next step was to click on the link below the voyeur desk view and go to the individual cams. There were about 50 girls on. The free chat options offer the opportunity to chat and check out the ladies. There are some very beautiful girls in front of the cams. Most of the models will go private for around $3.99 per minute, many also offer gang (or group) nude cams for much less (as low as $0.99 per minute.) Some of these shows are very hot, while others leave too much to the imagination. You have to pop in and see what catches your attention. In free chat you can control the camera for $1.00 per minute (yeah, I know, that’s no longer free.) In private chat you have some camera control free.

After chatting for a little bit in free chat I decided to try a discounted group chat and found the $0.99/minute chat with Wild One just as stimulating and hot as the $1.69/minute chat with Sherlaine. My next move took me into private chat with Jasmina. She was a very good entertainer and took direction well. She was willing to do just about anything (her declaration) for paying customers.

When all was said and done, it was not bad for Friday night entertainment. I would give this site 4 out of 5 stars, with its many attractive models and the very affordable options.