Hello world! My name is Alana, and up until a few weeks ago I was just your average girl…then I got a job that moved me out of state and away from everyone I know and love. My job keeps me locked all alone in a lab, too busy to get out and meet new people and too stressed to sleep through the night—unfortunately that’s exactly what I need! So here I am, on the web, sharing stories with the only people in the world who seem to share my crazy hours these days.

In an effort to find some sort of human contact I find myself going to lots of different web cam sites…I mean, even before I moved I was a huge web cam fan, and now that I’m here I guess you could say I’m developing a minor addiction…don’t worry, it’s nothing I can’t handle, in fact right now I’m trying to turn all my gawking into something more productive. For every five sites I go to, four are worthless and one is amazing- full of beautiful women, hot sexy action, and visuals that make me happy that I’m watching these ladies alone in my bedroom.

So, I’m going to tell about the bad ones so you can skip them in your late night searches, and more importantly I will share those toe-curling, nail-biting, heavy-breathing, goose bump inducing, exotic, erotic web cam sites with you, for your viewing pleasure! So read on and keep me company so my long late nights won’t be so lonely anymore!